Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LCD TV with LED technology: Samsung UE40D6510

The 100-centimeter screen (40 inches) of UE40D6510 Samsung is equipped with LED technology, the LEDs sit on the screen edges (Edge LED). Which the display is 1920x1080. Samsung is the refresh rate as so-called "Clear Motion Rate" with 400 Hertz, which is calculated based on intermediate images only "real" 100 hertz is.

In the case of receiver stuck / -C/-S, the latter two also receive HD programming. A cable tuner is of course one of the party. (Not included) with shutter glasses, the viewer can see on the Samsung films in 3D. Experience shows that it looks better in 3D leaked material than TV shows, which bring the television from 2D to 3D umrechnet.Über a network jack or the built-in wireless receiver for Internet applications on the screen.

Flat screen TVs: Toshiba 46WL768G: Large 3-D TV

To 117 inches diagonal (46 inches) and in full HD resolution brings the Toshiba 46WL768G your favorite movies on the screen. The high contrast ratio of 7,000,000:1 (dynamic, according to the manufacturer) and the fleet of six milliseconds, provide a crisp presentation. The frame rate is 200 hertz. Toll: The Toshiba 46WL768G supports DVB-T, DVB-C (HD) and DVB-S (HD).

The device measures 109.2 x73, 5x28, 8 inches including feet and weighs 24.5 kg. Various connections are available: four HDMI 1.4 jacks, and USB 2.0. Furthermore, network jack, and wireless and a CI-Plus interface board. The Toshiba 46WL768G represents 3D content - the need for shutter glasses for watching television is.

AOC: LCD screen 21.5 "powered via the USB

Presented a few days ago, at the CEA Line News Show York, e2251FWu manufacturer AOC should reach the market as early as next August. With a slab of 21.5-inch display capable of full HD resolution and benefiting from a response time of 5 ms, this LCD has the distinction of being powered via a USB port.

The contrast ratio reached in 1000: 1, while the brightness peaks at 200 cd / m². The technical characteristics of the e2251FWu are not extraordinary, but in return the consumption of the display must be particularly low. One can even imagine using it mobile, directly powered by a laptop.

ASRock Z68 combines chipset and PCI-Express 3.0

ASRock recently announced the Fatal1ty Professional Gen3 Z68, a motherboard based on an Intel chipset Z68 but also embarking PEX8608 PLX controller, making it compatible PCI-Express 3.0. Sandy Bridge processors that support socket LGA 1155 on this motherboard are two PCI-Express 3.0 x16, the third PCI-Express 16x is type 2.0.

There are also two PCI-Express x1, two PCI connectors and four DDR3-2133. The Fatal1ty Professional Gen3 Z68 has a floor of 18-phase power and has six ports SATA 6 Gbps ports and four SATA 3 Gbps. Two Gigabit Ethernet controllers are present, as well as FireWire and audio controllers 7.1.

Two new GeForce GTX 5xx mobile

The catalog of graphics cards for the mobile market expands with the arrival of two new models: the GeForce GTX 570M and 580M. Support for DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1, these cards support CUDA technology course, PhysX, SLI and 3D Vision Optimus. The GTX 580M features a GPU clocked at 620 MHz and 384 CUDA cores running at 1240 MHz, accompanied by 2 GB (maximum) of GDDR5 memory at 750 MHz on a 256-bit bus.

LaCie CloudBox: Save your data in the cloud

LaCie now offers a new model of external hard drive with the function of saving the data on your internal hard drive or directly on the Internet. Lacie CloudBox The new design has a well-known brand LaCie, inside is hard disk with a capacity of 100GB, while it may seem small is not the main virtue of this external hard drive, its real power is based on making copies directly on the Internet.

The Black Eyed Peas Experience: New dance game from Ubisoft

With the title Ubisoft brings the extraordinary choreography of the currently most popular hip-hop bands in the virtual world. The dancing game released for Wii and Xbox 360 and, according to the French publisher will contain the most famous pieces of tape. On the Microsoft console requires the title of the motion control Kinect.

As in the previous "Michael Jackson - The Experience" follow in "The Black Eyed Peas Experience" known from the music video dance steps and movements. Information about a potential Ubisoft Release date not yet known.

Nvidia introduces the GTX 580M, the most powerful notebook GPU

After teasing Ave attention with this teaser, Nvidia has officially comes out, and the GTX 580M. We face the most powerful mobile GPU devoted to gaming ever created. The technical specifications are discrete GPU generation-end performance (impressive considering that we are ready for a product for laptops!) And will include the integration of CUDA 384 Cores combined with 2GB of GDDR5 video memory with 256-bit bus.

New Super Phone "Nexus Prime": 1.5 GHz and 4.0 Android

That the successor is expected during the fall of 2011 hit the market. Now, on Monday released the new guesses: The smartphone will be manufactured by Samsung and could be called "Nexus Prime" bear. It runs the Android operating system 4.0, code-named "Ice Cream Sandwich." The screen is a "super AMOLED HD" display with a 1028x720 pixels of.

The processor should be a one 1.5-gigahertz processor OMAP4460 (Dual Core) by. Prime is controlled only by software, missing buttons or knobs. Combining the rumors in recent weeks that have grown up around the new Nexus Prime, you get a smartphone with a powerful dual-core processor, and the Android operating system 4.0, which is being developed for smart phones and tablet PCs, and probably appear to coincide with the Nexus Prime is.

AirPort 2011: Apple multiplies the power of Wi-Fi

At a time when the waves  are controversial, as our record shows, Apple "innovated" the new generation of AirPort Extreme cases increases the transmit power in Wi-Fi In fact, Apple recently changed the boundaries and if the specifications appear identical, there is a big difference in power.

The FCC, which validates the products to be sold on American soil, indicates that 2.4 GHz - the frequency band used by 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n - the power from 130 mW (in 11n) to 260 mW. In 11g, you go from 143 to 307 mW and 286 to 257 (decrease) in 11b. When working in the 5 GHz band, for a higher rate, going from 139 to 392 mW (11n/40 MHz), 164 to 337 mW (11n/20 MHz) and 202 to 322 MHz when using the highly confidential (in Europe) 11a.

Dead Space 2: New PC patch brings DirectX 11 support

Similar storms like graphics cheers for publication of the first "Crysis" title so far not solved the continuation of. The main reason for this are the versions for PS3 and Xbox 360, which forced the developers to make compromises in the optics, a document is the lack of support from 11 But Crytek screwed after the start of the title on to "Crysis 2" and published on 27 June 2011 to 1.9.

After this one includes the missing DirectX 11 support. Thus, to the graphics of the game according to significantly improve computer performance: motion blur, visibility, shadows or water presentations then act detail. Crytek released for the 'Crysis 2 ". This update brings the long-awaited support for DirectX 11 and drilled on the appearance of the title again.

Apple is going to make its processors also

According to Merrill Lynch Dan Heyler Taipei, which is cited by DigiTimes, and sources of Ars Technica, Apple should ask TSMC to build its processor A6, because he suspects Samsung, the founder of its current chips, is stealing its secrets. This news comes the same time that Apple has filed a complaint before a court in South Korea, accusing Samsung of having copied the iPhone and iPad.

From the A3, the first ARM chip designed by the firm at the apple, Apple processors are manufactured by Samsung. However, since the beginning of the year, rumors suggest that a rapprochement between TSMC and Cupertino is increasingly imminent. The Taiwanese did not manufacture the A5, as some have suggested, but it is possible that the collaboration starts with the next generation of chip that is etched into 28 nm.

Windows 8 RTM it would come out in April 2012?

Microsoft could publish all versions of Windows 8 RTM in April 2012 according to ZDnet, citing a "trusted source". The publisher has the intention to publish a beta in mid-September, a release candidate around January 2012 and the final four months later. If this rumor up out of the RTM earlier than expected, it is not impossible.

It also means that Windows 8 will be ready for the new school year, a boom that is synonymous with renewal machine. We recall that Microsoft had released Windows 7 RTM in July 2009 and that he had sold the boxed version in October 2009. An RTM in April for an August or September marketing remains in the tradition.

GTX 560Ti SoC rev.2: Gigabyte change the cooling system

Gigabyte has released the second revision of the GeForce GTX 560 video card you (SoC Super Overclocked). With the first revision of the Taiwanese manufacturer has lowered the clock speed of 1000MHz for the GPU GF114 950MH, z to solve a problem of stability and consumption, with the second going to change the cooling system to increase the 'efficiency and low noise .

Instead of the conventional two 80mm fans are two solutions LP 100mm diameter mounted on a new radiator with heapipes. The PCB has changed and now it is shorter.

Mysterious Nvidia mobile GPU coming

It 'just been uploaded on YouTube a video showing a notebook equipped with two "mysterious" nVidia mobile GPU to run Crysis 2 updated DirectX 11 with 1080p resolution Ultra and details to more than 30fps. It 'not that there are two 560M GTX in SLI, this is something "more powerful", but what? ...

Crysis 2: DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade Available

Crytek, in collaboration with nVidia has finally released the long-awaited update for the PC version of Crysis 2 which introduces full support for DirectX 11. The update consists of three steps: Download and install the patch 1.9 (136MB). The purchased versions of EA Origin of Steam and will update automatically.

Download and install the package DX11 Ultra Upgrade (546MB) Download and install the package High resolution textures (1.7GB) The high resolution texture pack is to double the resolution / detail textures, quadrupling the memory requirements of the game. For this reason requires a 64-bit operating system and a graphics card with 1GB of VRAM.