Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft lays off employees after two leaks of Windows 8

Sometimes "leaks" about an upcoming product are more or less organized by the manufacturer (or publisher). The aim is obviously to maintain a certain buzz around the product in question, pending launch. But on the upcoming Windows 8, Microsoft seems absolutely not the cause of leaks in recent weeks, at least not voluntarily, and this is probably not the two employees who would, according to some rumors being dismissed by the editor who contradict us.

Software for Digital Cameras: BQScan: PC program makes visible radiation

The program uses an already long-known effect: Meeting radioactive particles on a digital image sensor, they leave behind on the surface of a signal. As a basis for analysis, a photograph is a 30-second exposure of a Canon Spiegelreflexkanmera. This is so little material as possible before the sensor, the recording should be made without a lens.

Only the camera cover must be in place to protect the interior of the device. BQScan The software analyzes this photo and presents the results of the radioactive particles as points on an image dar. The minimum detection limit is a radiation value of two micro Sievert per hour. This corresponds roughly to the natural background radiation, which is exposed to a plane at 10,000 feet altitude.

Models ML-1670 and ML-1675: Samsung new laser printers

The devices only measure 34x22 inches with a height of 18 centimeters. Its management is kept simple. When operating from a PC to help the "AnyWeb" software: by "drag and drop" command to print a few mouse gestures, the contents of entire websites, the "Easy Capture Manager assists in the processing of a desired composition.

The minute to give the printer up to 16 pages that the device can be set to maximum 1200x1200 dpi. Both models are identical in their specifications, they only differ in design. The ML-1670 comes in a light gray-black case, the ML-1675 is exclusively black.

PC hardware: NAS Asus M25: Handy NAS solution

The device comes up with multimedia and backup features. For example, you back up music, videos and photos on the NAS-M25. These can be networked devices (such as laptops, tablets, game consoles) stream. Furthermore, you access via FTP, BitTorrent or HTTP (network protocols) to mobile to your data. The RAID feature (interconnect two) and the automatic creation of system images to protect against data loss.

Test: LCD TVs: Samsung LE37C679

In LE37C679 Samsung put all standard tuner (DVB-T/-C/-S2) for the reception and a cable TV receiver. For high-definition playback devices such as Blu-ray player or game console he has four HDMI ports. One of them is on the side to offer such as an HD camcorder quick access. There sit two USB ports. Not very conveniently located: The connection for a headset is integrated into the rear panel.

3GB VRAM and liquid cooling for the EVGA GTX 580 HC2

EVGA has recently aligned Palit / Zotac and Gainward by introducing its GeForce GTX 580 with a quantity of video memory doubled compared to the reference solution from nVidia. Not content with the house of Brea has decided to stand further and developed a GTX 580 3GB equipped with a liquid cooling system.

This is the EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Hydro Copper 3072MB 2, a compact single-slot card that uses the full-cover waterblock type developed by the specialist Swiftech California. The cooling system used is able to safely push the clock speeds beyond the limits suggested by Nvidia, EVGA, but preferred not to alter the default values (772/1544/4008MHz) to leave the task of overclocking and ' directly to the user increase performance enthusiast.

Google Music: Cloud service starts soon

As various U.S. blogs report that the beta of Internet giant Google rolled Music at the developer conference (on 10 and 11 May in San Francisco instead) from. Google Music is a so-called cloud service: please Google Internet storage and uploads his music files. Subsequently, the songs are everywhere you are online, ready to listen.

This works with a special player that Google both for Windows and Apple Computer provides. In addition, the access of "Android" work-based smartphones and tablets. Since the media player based on flash, owners look of the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch into the tube, Apple refused Flash access to its mobile devices.

17-inch Monitor: Hyundai G75TR: touch screen monitor for professional use

The "Hyundai G75TR" relies on the "5-wire resistive" technology. It responds to pressure, the two electrically conductive layers connected to each other in places, is the touch of a finger, gloved hand or stylus pressure exerted precisely defined. According to Hyundai reaches the touch sensors of a 2048x2048 points.

To use the touch controls, a USB connection to the computer condition. The 17-inch Display is 1280x1024, has a ratio of 1,000:1 and a brightness of 250 candelas per square meter. The viewing angle (horizontal / vertical) are 160 degrees. There is also a DVI and VGA interface. In operation, approved by the Monitor about 50 watts.

Microsoft buys Skype

Microsoft stands in front of a big coup? The Windows group is willing to pay up to eight billion U.S. dollars for Skype, writes the "." Maybe the price is the result of a bidding contest: it was also last about reports. Microsoft could use the service, among other things for his current ailing smartphone business well.

It would be the biggest acquisition of the software giant. telephone calls, Skype users to each other for free over the Internet, with video images. Money earned the company so far mainly with cheap calls to conventional telephone network. The service has more than 550 million registered users.

New information, cache and frequency of AMD Bulldozer

On the website RumorPedia appeared an image captured by the internal network of Gigabyte where there are interesting details about future AMD FX 8110 (Bulldozer). As shown, the processor provides a TDP of 95W and an operating frequency of 2.8 GHz Turbo mode reaches the 3.8 GHz instead of the cache organization would provide, instead, an allocation of 16 kB to +64 the first level (data and instructions), 8 MB for the second level (exclusive cache, 1 MB per core) and 8 MB for the third level (shared between all cores).

Virtu Lucidlogix with Gigabyte motherboards Z68

Gigabyte announced a new strategic relationship with partheship Lucidlogix for using the Virtu technology on future motherboards Series 6 of the Taiwanese. "We are very pleased with this new partnership with Lucid to the huge potential it brings to a market sector in which we we are very present, "said Henry Kao, vice president of R & D of Gigabyte.

"We believe that Virtue will add value to GIGABYTE motherboards that use Intel graphics Sandy Bridge providing users with the flexibility and choice that claim from their computers." The software will Lucidligix Virtu bundled with Gigabyte motherboards based on Intel's forthcoming Z68, models Z68X-UD3H-B3, Z68A-D3H-B3, and B3-Z68MX-UD2H Z68MA-D2H-B3.

Thermaltake launches new box MK-I ESPORTS Chaser

Thermaltake launches its new cash-oriented world Gamer, e-SPORTS Chaser MK-I, which was presented at the CEBIT 2011. Thanks to his experience in the PC cooling market, Thermaltake has built a perfect cooling system in its new line of chassis. The design of the Chaser MK-I is ready to install liquid cooling inside, enabling the integration 240mm radiator at the top of the box by removing the fan from the factory.

Lite-On: a Blu-ray 12x USB 3.0

The manufacturer Lite-On has just announced the European launch of eHBU212, a Blu-ray drive equipped with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. Embedding 8 MB buffer, the benefits of technology eHBU212 Smart-Burn and Smart-X, as well as LightScribe media. It is capable of burning BD-R compatible with a maximum speed of 12x, and BD-R DL at 8x.

BD-RE (DL) can be burned at a speed of 2x, DVD-R / + R 16x, DVD-RAM, 12x DVD-R / + R DL and DVD + RW 8x, DVD -RW 6x, CD-R 48x and CD-RW at 24x. Supplied with CyberLink's software suite, the eHBU212 should be available by the end of the month. We are talking about a public tariff of 165 euros advised.

Seagate creates the perfect companion tablets

The shelves are increasingly common and can manage more and more content. But their capacity is still limited stocakge. Seagate has the idea to market a hard drive specifically adapted for iPad and shelves, which would become their "ideal partner". The presentation of this product will take place next week.

Until then, we can only speculate on us optimizations "tablets" that Seagate will be able to incorporate a traditional hard drive. And remember Dave, this mini-disc / Bluetooth and WiFi developed by Seagate for smartphones ... 2007.

Lenovo ThinkPad 30 are certified Ubuntu

Canonical, the editor of the Ubuntu distribution of Linux today announced a partnership with Lenovo will market, by the end of the first half, thirty ThinkPad certified to work with the operating system. Some of them are already on sale. Certification is not necessary to run Ubuntu on a Lenovo, but it serves as a business tool as it is possible to choose the operating system at the time of purchase.

AMD already has a hotfix for Catalyst 5.11

While Catalyst 5.11 have just been published by AMD, the manufacturer already has a hotfix for the unified graphics drivers. Catalyst 11.5a correct in particular problems of "flickering" intermittent in a number of games (Civilization 5, Dead Rising 2, Fallout 3, Mafia 2, NBA 2010, ShenGuiChuanQi, Starcraft 2, Warcraft III or World of Warcraft) when running in DirectX 9, and embarking on configurations Radeon HD 6600 equipped with DDR3 memory.

TDJ: GeForce vs. Radeon HD 6790 550Ti

Our colleagues in the Counter of the Hardware just upload a file between two graphics cards to medium range, ie Ti GeForce GTX 550 and Radeon HD 6790. Performance, power consumption, noise, overclocking, or operating temperature: is it possible to separate these two recent graphics cards?

Archos 9: New Tablet PC

The manufacturer Archos has a new and improved version of its tabletPC Archos 9, has a storage unit and a 32GB SSD 1.2GHz Atom Z515 processor. The new Archos 9 includes Windows 7 Starter with which you can perform most common tasks such as web browsing, viewing multimedia content, access to social networks, or video through its integrated camera 1.3Mpx.

Its screen is compatible with video playback in HD and features stereo speakers for better quality, in addition, with its weight of just 800 grams is ideal for travel without having to stop performing a task that requires the use of a PC To this end, has an integrated stand offers two positions of use, for web browsing or writing and another for playing video and chat.

IPad 2 is equivalent to a supercomputer of 1985

Dr. Jack Dongarra of the University of Tennessee has measured the capacity of mathematical calculations of the iPad 2 and concluded that a core processor A5 tablet was as powerful as the supercomputer Cray 2 Quad CPU delivered in 1985. His team has not finished testing, but believes that the use of both processor cores can be mounted to a computing power ranging between 1.5 and 1.65 GFLOPS GFLOPS.

Hard drives still affected by Japan

Western Digital and Hitachi GST (see "Western Digital buys Hitachi GST) have extremely hard drives stocks down due to damage sustained in the Japanese earthquake which took place last March, which already started to climb prices. According to DigiTimes, despite the efforts of Texas Instruments and Renesas delivering controllers and other chips needed for the proper functioning of the disks, the shortage will last through the second quarter.

Apple, Google, IBM and Microsoft are very valuable

Apple went first in the ranking of most valuable brands published annually by the agency Millward Brown. It exceeds that Google has held the lead for four consecutive years. IBM and Microsoft comes in third to fifth position behind McDonald. The report is an interesting analysis that attempts to define what a brand is worth in monetary terms.

We must understand that we are not talking about market capitalization or accumulated assets. This is not a financial analysis, but marketing that attempts to discover the value of a brand, not a corporation. Thus, in some cases, this is not the company that is considered, but the brand marketed.

Latest 3D and entry-level devices: New Blu-ray player: Toshiba BDX3200KE and BDX1200KE

Toshiba brings the Blu-ray player BDX3200KE on the market, the third generation of 3D-capable players of the manufacturer. To be eligible to benefit from three-dimensional images, however, is still necessary accessories: a 3D-capable TVs and the corresponding 3-D glasses. Depending on the TV, these are an expensive shutter glasses or a cheap pole glasses.

The 3-D TV without special glasses by Toshiba is not yet available in Germany. The player supports Dolby True HD 7.1 format. Via a USB jack, it plays movies, photos, music in formats MKV, DivX, JPEG, from MP3. Users thanks go live 2.0 of additional content on the Internet. As an entry-level device without a 3D complements Toshiba's series on Blu-ray players by the BDX1200KE.

Third dimension for the living room: LG D2342P: 3D display with polarization technique

The manufacturer promises a flicker-free picture quality in 2D as in 3D mode. Dizziness and nausea (occasionally occur on units with shutter technology) will be spared to the court. In cinema, the polarization technique is common. The principle: A special film on the monitor provides the 3D effect. The lines are  adjusted, they are alternately polarized to the right and left eyes.

You do not need a heavy shutter glasses or a special. And polarized glasses do not require batteries. On board the 23-inch monitor (resolution: 1920x1080 pixels) there are various interfaces (HDMI, VGA). The contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. Thanks to the "3D Light Boost" technology of LG D2342P reached their manufacturers to up to three times brighter than comparable displays with 3D shutter technique.