Friday, July 15, 2011

San Francisco: Demo officially announced

Game maker Ubisoft chirps nerve-wracking for fans car chases: A to "Driver - San Francisco" definitely appears. From a show that you screw on the details of the game and probably not at the end of the development process. It is not clear yet whether the trial version will appear on PC - The announcement refers only to spin for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 No statement is made by the manufacturers continue to release date of the demo.

HP Tablet 4G

In the first week of July brought HP's first Tablet PC to market: the scored points in certain areas, but he earned the criticism of others. For example, it takes about 100 grams with 740 grams on the scales more than the second iPad Now HP already released information about the follow up, which is available after the summer in the U.S.

Special for U.S. customers: The HP TouchPad is available exclusively at the telecommunications giant. had already made the new release at the prospect of the introduction of the TouchPad. The TouchPad 4G differs only in a few respects from its predecessor: it has a faster, for example. While the touch pad has a 1.2-GHz dual-core processor from Qualcomm, the 4G has a 1.5-gigahertz processor, its manufacturer is not yet known.

Cooler Master Cosmos II: the first photos on the web

Were published the first photos of the new version of a high-end homes that made history, the Cooler Master Cosmos II. This is unofficial photos because it seems that the houses will be made available in the coming months of September or October: nevertheless are useful to understand that we will find what's new inside.

Cosmos II takes the majority of lines and devices of his predecessor and is built almost entirely in black but with softer lines and curves. There are numerous surface drilled to improve aeration and the service panel includes USB 3.0, eSATA, touch sensitive keys and LED indicators. A sliding door covers the external bays, three 5.25 "and two 3.5" to be precise.

Tulalip: Microsoft is working on its own social network

How does the IT Blog "" logs, briefly appeared on a page on the Internet that showed the login screen for Tulalip. Accordingly, it is a service that allows you to share things with other users - like Facebook & Co. it is possible. Registration is obviously a pre-existing Twitter or Facebook account by the user.

Tulalip extent shared the aforementioned services is unclear. News is no longer reachable, but instead there appears on the note from Microsoft that it is an internal project trade, not due for publication.

The AMD FX Zambezi would still delayed

Zambezi AMD processors, using architecture Bulldozer, would still be delayed according to documents that have been published on the site DonanimHaber. Four Zambezi were originally planned for the month of September and another four the following month. AMD have finally decided to release the eight at the same time.

The launch will take place a month later than expected and anticipated especially Christmas and New year. This leak thus complements that of last June (see "The Zambezi-FX AMD roadmap on the run") from the same site that had the merit of revealing the characteristics of the Llano. In addition to confirming the names and TDP processors announced last month, today's document provides the operating frequency and size of caches.

Tablet-Amazon: A rival for the iPad?

For months there is speculation about an Amazon-Tablet. CEO Jeff Bezos himself made appropriate remarks. Now compress the information. According to the iPad rival just come onto the market in October - this is to be expected in about the time at which also the iPad third The unit has a nine large screen (22.8 inches) and run with Google's quotes, the newspaper inaugurated persons.