Tuesday, June 14, 2011

PlayStation Vita memory cards owners

At E3, Sony revealed its PlayStation Vita, who will succeed the PSP, but rather little about the storage at the console. And obviously, these are cards based flash memory to be used. Pictures taken at E3 shows maps physically close enough Memory Stick M2 (Micro) and micro SD but still different: Sony seems to yield to his old demons and use maps in a proprietary format.

Capacities are shown in the average 4 to 32 GB cards in question are expected to store data such as movies or games downloaded and course backups. Sony also announced at the first announcement of the console, the games are stored on memory cards with an interesting twist: a portion of the map will be reserved for backups and DLC (Downloaded Content) while the part containing the game is read only.

Hope that the console will incorporate two slots for the cards in question or that it will propose the internal memory (Sony is not very clear on this point), because changing (and not lose) cards that size does is not easy.

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