Saturday, March 12, 2011

Offers "text / shelf" at Orange

Orange has announced an offer that many people were waiting: it allows two SIM cards with the same subscription, one for a smartphone and a tablet. Both devices are increasingly used, a joint offering simplifies the management and especially not to pay two different subscriptions to the same thing. Two offers exist, and are currently only available to professionals.

The first, "Duo Tablet", complements a classical subscription, no Internet option. It provides a shared Internet access between two SIM cards, one for the tablet and one for the smartphone. The advertised price is 52 € (excluding VAT) per month, in addition to the classic subscription. Orange does not supply limitations.

TDJ: NAXN 600 watts, MacBook Pro 2011 15 "

Our fellow GinjFo recently posted a review of Food NAXN Enermax 600 watts, a block displaying 80Plus certified as the name implies a power of 600W. Non-modular, this supply has a 120mm fan and two PCI-Express 6 +2 pin, seven SATA connectors, Molex and floppy 5. Verdict? For its part, our fellow TT Hardware has reviewed the MacBook Pro 15 "" 2011 version "of Apple, a notebook that incorporates the Unibody chassis of the previous model.

Adventure game for PC: Ghost Machine Armada - Stories

The development team Instance Four to conquer this new PC title to the indie market. As a genre mix of adventure, action, tactics, role playing and a fantastic visual journey he can not be pigeonholed. "Ghost Machine Armada - Stories" takes the player on a journey into the legendary world Vayii. This consists of 50 hand-drawn locations, who are brimming with mysteries and dangers.

In the first part of the adventure as you browse the age-old ensign Larc Rian Tower City Vaneta. There you caught in the crossfire of a secret war between your own people and the marine creatures from Ningia. Your job is to save not only in your own life by taking the portal back in operation, but also to warn the outside world from the threat of danger.

Prolimatech Armageddon, in-depth analysis.

If you are looking for a high performance cooler, today we bring you our analysis of Prolimatech Armageddon, a super-sized sink realtive content that supports the installation of two fans in push-pull configuration. We hope you enjoy it. Armageddon Prolimatech analysis.

MSI is committed to its family of computers "All in One" at CeBIT 2011

MSI continues to promote PCs All in One (AIO) at CeBIT. MSI's new systems incorporate all the latest technologies to offer the latest advances. Among these advances is the use of Intel Core processors and AMD i3/i5/i7 Fusion sound system with THX certification TruStudio Pro on all models from 22 "and Full HD LED widescreen display with a ratio 16: 9.

The new range of MSI AIO also features USB 3.0 connectivity, offering a high rate of data transfer, technology Super Charger, which charges the battery of an iPhone, smartphone or iPad 40% faster than from a conventional computer, and even works with the AIO off. The new MSI AIO family also incorporates a set of unique applications ranging from entertainment to business applications through dicácticas.

Media Converter: Software Tip of the Day: Free Video Converter LG Phones

"Free Video to LG Phones Converter converts video formats that are readable by mobile phones manufacturer LG. You set the quality and the target directory. As a source file is the Free Converter Video to LG Phones with the formats AVI, MPG, MPEG, MPE, WMV, MOV, QT, AMV, 3GP, 3G2, FLV deal. Clicking on the "Convert" to start the program the conversion.