Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tegra 3: anti-aliasing and output in September

Tegra 3, aka Kal-El, is the next mobile chip from NVIDIA. The SoC (chip all-in-one) should land at the end of the summer (apparently the end of September) and will propose some new face Tegra 2. First, it will go from two cores to four type Cortex A9, which can be useful in some applications. Second, the SIM has been added to the cores, was one of the (few) flaws Tegra 2.

SIMD "ARM", NEON, makes it possible to overcome the lack of FPU chips and software like Flash Player is already optimized. Finally, the GPU should be from 8 to 12 "cores," although the concept is rather vague in the case of Tegra. And this increase in power will actually be used: NVIDIA should propose a solution to the anti-aliasing.

Corsair H80 and H100 Series Hydro already available

Corsair has just announced their new H80 and H100 Series Hydro, highly effective liquid cooling and easy installation for those who want to start using this type of cooling. Its much refrigeration unit with a small footprint so it does not have problems when being installed in small cases or by the type of RAM you use, if they have a high sink.

It features a digital fan control so you can choose to have the fans off, use a balanced or at peak performance. The H80 model features a 120mm fan, but optionally you can add the same size. The H100 comes with two 120mm fans combined with a double radiator.

VP450 VP350 and Antec: New models for the range Basiq! Power

Antec has presented its new food sources and VP350 VP450 Basiq belonging to the range! Power, equipped with quality components Antec own brand. The new power supplies deliver 350W VP350 and Vp450 and 450W respectively, to incorporate some protection against over voltage, over voltage, short circuit protection and energy security, with security a section to substantiate a quality power supply.