Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NVIDIA GPUs Kepler arrive late 2012

NVIDIA said its next-generation graphics processor known as the Kepler code come out of factories by the end of the year, according to remarks reported by Xbit labs. We contacted NVIDIA France and await their response. Rumors suggested that Kepler would have passed the stage Taped Out in early July and production difficulties at TSMC forced the chameleon a marketing plan for 2012.

It seems that this date is confirmed. Indeed, delivery of graphics chips to partners at the end of the year would provide a marketing graphics cards in the first half of 2012. The technical details around the chip are still scarce.

Google would prefer the OMAP 4 for Android 4.0

Google has chosen the OMAP 4 for its development platform Android 4.0, which means that the vast majority of the first smartphones shipping Ice Cream Sandwich should use the SoC Texas Instruments. A public relations officer of Texas sent a picture of some journalists and Cnet Android and Me showing rather close relations between the two protagonists.

Andy Rubin, vice president of the mobile division of Google, admitted to our colleagues at Android and Me that the publisher chose a semiconductor manufacturer, an operator and an OEM and assembled a development platform that was used daily to engineers. In practice this means that the first products to be marketed are often very close to the platform that serves as a reference.

Rage: Making-of video and new pictures

What would be the first-person shooter genre with no game developer id Software? One thing is certain: The gaming world would be without the milestones of the studio is another. Now the makers speak in a making-of video about their upcoming adventure Wasteland "Rage", and sequences present game, in which crashes it properly.

That in the end-title not only mutants, but also fly en masse and blood lead in the air, the new screenshots in the. The ESRB are apparently not escaped the violence shares: The testing evaluates the game over 18.

The Lord of the Rings - The war in the north in November

"The Lord of the Rings - The war in the north", the new adventure in the universe of JRR Tolkien will start on 4 November 2011 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In the role play you opt for the humans, elves or dwarves and save Middle Earth from the dark orcs.

In this fight up to three players side by side in co-op and roam in new spheres previously unknown north of Middle-earth. Since the films touch upon this part of Tolkien's world is hardly new characters and stories are waiting for the gamers. The title character design offers flexible, upgradeable weapons and other role-playing elements, the focus is on action in the fight.

New pictures of Mars II graphics card Asus ROG

That could become the world's fastest graphics card there is no doubt but at a price of 1,500 euros is not much you could not expect that much! We're talking about the graphics card Asus ROG Mars II, including the two GPU GF110 such as those used in the GeForce GTX 590, offers to the higher operating frequencies, such as those of single-GPU GTX 580 (772 MHz for the GPU and 4008MHz for the memories).

AMD: 20 cores in 2012

The explosion in the number of cores in the AMD CPU is confirmed. While a processor roadmap already announced to the public 10 hearts in 2012, the Komodo, a second CPU roadmap predicts today to 20 servers hearts for that year. These processors will consist of two chips to 10 cores, assembled in the same package.

The development is small in absolute terms compared to the Zambezi Bulldozer (8-core, general public) and Interlagos Opteron (16 cores, servers) that we should see happen around the September 19, but the trend is there. One wonders where AMD has to stop, she had nevertheless anticipated the end of the war of hearts.

Apple TV: Update brings icloud functions

On 1 August appeared the update 4.3 for Apple's second-generation multimedia box. At least Apple TV users in the U.S. can now buy television shows and watch as a stream. So far, the only allowed to borrow. In addition, these data are available thanks to Apple's icloud service on all IOS devices, the user's disposal.

Conversely, previously on iPad, iPod, phone or send via iTunes-purchased content via Apple TV to the TV. Another new feature: As of now, next to the YouTube clips of content clearly unexcited Vimeo platform to choose from. Were broadcasting in HD already, just as YouTube was grainy movies on offer.

Preview: Assassin's Creed - Revelations: A grand finale for Ezio?

He has become more mature, but not quiet: With the mid-50's looks back on his life Ezio master killer, noting that his future for a piece of his past is missing. In visions he meets Altair, one of its predecessor which, although has been dead for 500 years, but his time was also a master assassin. Altaïr took this one of the most powerful in human history and hid it in the library of Masyaf, the holy city of the Order.

The Tegra 3 released in the fall

NVIDIA has confirmed that the tablets shipping Kal-El, the code name of the Tegra 3, will arrive in the fall, while the first smartphones will be presented at CES 2012. The version of the Tablet Tegra 3 with a processor quad core ARM Cortex A9 and a circuit graph from 8 to 12 shader units. It can support a resolution of 1920 x 1200 video and Blu-ray.

Announced in February last, the chip will be engraved in 40nm and will have features less ambitious than the rumors suggested in February. NVIDIA has even made a promising technology demonstration at last May.

eBay buys 100 TB of flash memory

eBay has announced the purchase of a storage system for its Nimbus virtual server infrastructure. This storage system is composed entirely of flash memory and has a capacity of 100 TB of storage, which is pretty impressive. Currently, the standard is rather to use hybrid systems, consisting of "cache"-based flash memory, a storage unit with fast hard drives (15,000 rpm SAS type) and SATA hard drives standard for long-term storage.

Asus Radeon HD6770 Silent DirectCU, new passively cooled graphics

Asus has unveiled its new graphic DirectCU called Silent HD6770 features a large heatsink that runs completely passively. The HD6770 is the new Silent DirectCU the manufacturer Asus graphics greatly improves compared to the reference, according to Asus to 16% only in refrigeration. The heatsink has four nickel plated hetapipes that make direct contact with the GPU.

Also has components called Super Power Alloy design and in terms of their characteristics has 800 Stream Processors, memory interface 128-bit, 1GB GDDR5, D-Sub connections, DVI and HDMI.