Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lists: 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drive: The best internal hard drives

SATA is currently the most common interface. The SATA cables are much thinner than the width E-IDE cable. SATA also allows higher data transfer rates than the older standard. 2.5-inch drives are mostly used in mobile applications on Net or notebooks and are now available in capacities up to one terabyte.

3.5-inch hard drives are installed only in desktop PCs and are available in capacities up to three terabytes. In the tested hard drives are so-called bulk versions. This means that the dealer sells the plate without any software and manual. Also, assembly materials, cables and screws are missing.

PhotoSync: Photo-transfer on the fly

PhotoSync with your iPhone, you can wirelessly transmit images over the wireless network from the iPhone to the computer. To do PhotoSync install on your computer and on the iPhone so that both devices will connect to the same wireless network. PhotoSync now automatically detects your computer in the WLAN.

The rest is a breeze: In an album, select the photos you want and the app sends images in an instant. PhotoSync is an extremely comfortable apartments, the transfer of images to your computer or to other iPhones or iPads enormously. If you shoot a lot with your iPhone, you should get this app not miss.

LUXA2 unveils new line of covers for the Apple iPad 2

LUXA2 The Taiwanese company is pleased to announce the launch of its exciting line of accessories for Apple's new device: the iPad 2. LUXA2 know how important it is to protect the devices from Apple, and this has made 4 new designs for users to ensure maximum protection for their devices. Protects the touch screen on the daily commute, while enjoying the design and connectivity to the LUXA2 Vogue Leather Stand Case, the Legerity Stand Case, the Tough Case and Case Candy.

Amazon Cloud Drive: buy music and listen anywhere via Internet

Cloud Drive is an online hard drive of five gigabytes of free storage in the base version. Buy at Amazon an MP3 music album, it automatically moves to the Cloud Drive - and is followed everywhere and always ready to listen. You need an active Internet connection and a special player program called "Cloud player", the Amazon, both for the PC as well as "Android" phones offered for download.

On the cloud-disk can also store other files, including photos and text files. The retrieval is done by the browser. For a fee, you expand the memory to a maximum of 20 gigabyte. The goal is to music from a portable player (MP3 player, smartphone) and detach to make widely available. Amazon Cloud Drive comes with the competition before, and apparently Google and Apple are working on similar services.

YouTube DownloaderSaveTube

"SaveTube" is a free extension for Firefox. The tool allows you to store your favorite YouTube videos directly in MP4 or FLV file on your PC. The program fits under the description of the clips you want a download link. Click on the clip can be in different file formats and quality levels to download.

Test: Netbook at Aldi Medion Akoya E1226 (MD 98 570)

The Akoya E1226 puts the Intel Atom processor N455, the computational core at 1.66 GHz clock speed running. That's enough for working with office applications and for surfing the Internet, for computationally intensive tasks like video editing or image processing is too slow. Like most of the Akoya E1226 is not graphically complex 3D games are suitable.

In the integrated graphics chip Intel GMA 3150 has no own memory, calculates an average of only one picture per second. This action games run smoothly, around 40 frames per second are necessary. The LED screen of the Akoya has a glossy surface that reflects strong. In a bright environment reflections interfere with the work.

PowerColor HD6870 PCS + +: XT Barts pushed to 975 MHz

TUL Corporation today introduced its brand in a second version of the PowerColor HD 6870 video card series belonging to the PCS (Professional Cooling System). This is the PowerColor HD6870 PCS + +, a solution characterized by un'overclock higher than the current model PCS + HD6870 and various improvements to the PCB and the cooling system.

The GPU Barts XT now travels to 975 MHz, compared to 940 MHz of PCS + HD6870 and 900 MHz model reference while the frequency of video memory (1024MB GDDR5) stood at 4600 MHz (effective), compared with the 4400 MHz PCS + HD6870 and the 4200 MHz suggested by AMD. The PCB has been enhanced with the "Platinum Power Kit" which includes a new power supply circuitry signed Volterra and other high quality components (Poscap, Proadilizer etc..) Conferring stability and durability in overclocking.

Intel officially announced the new 320 series SSDs

As we already reported earlier, yesterday announced the new Intel SSD series 320 with third-generation NAND flash memory chips to 25 nm. Available in denominations of 40, 80, 120 and 160 GB as well as higher storage capacity of 300 and 600 GB, the new Intel SSDs provide significant improvements in performance and reliability than the models of previous generations and more competitive prices.

Hercules: a mini kit audio-shaped diamond

Hercules has announced a new kit looks very particular stereo speakers. This is the Hercules XPS model with two USB 2.0 Diamond speakers 9cm in diameter powered only by USB port and then easily connected to a desktop or laptop. Externally the two speakers are shaped like a diamond, provides the manufacturer, the sound bright and clear.

The kit speaker Hercules XPS DIAMOND USB 2.0 will be available from May 2011.

Photo of the day: Windows 8

Unlike Vista, Windows 7 has a good image and sees his penetration to grow rapidly. This does not preclude some waiting impatiently eager successor, Windows 8. Hunters must however scoops sometimes be satisfied with a meager spoils. Example with this image: This screenshot shows the upper portion of the dialog box installation of Windows 8 Milestone 3.

Wow! as might have said Flavie Flament. The source promises to catch more complete soon. Fortunately, other more useful information out there. The site has published Win7China another capture showing the M3 System Reset a new option. Windows 8 and can be completely reset, restoring all default settings and erasing all the programs installed by the user.

GCC 4.6.0: faster executables

Following toolchain GCC (GNU Compiler Collection), well known by lovers of "free" comes to version 4.6.0. On the menu: spring cleaning, support for multiple programming languages and various improvements and varied. The arrival of this new version is an opportunity to clean house within the supported architectures, processors and some systems are considered obsolete.

The Cortex-M4 are now supported, while the multimedia unit of Neon Cortex-A9 is now supported. LEON processors, and IBM z196 Loongson 3A are also supported by GCC 4.6.0 as well as the Cortex-A15 as an experiment. User-Ofast optimization, allowing the creation of executable very fast at the expense of strict adherence to standards, also makes its appearance.

The owners unhappy with the agreement "fiber"

The National Union of Associations of Condominium Managers (UNARC) is not satisfied with the standard agreement proposed by ARCEP for laying fiber optics in buildings. Two points crystallize discord: the duration of the agreement signed with the operator placing the fiber and the obligation to connect the building to a gathering system.

The proposed UNARC ARCEP to the operator picking up the right fiberize a building is related to the condominium for a term of 10 years. But the standard agreement drafted by ARCEP covers 25 years. Moreover, if the chosen operator is still subject to the obligation to carry out the work of fiber drawing within six months following the signing of the Convention, it is exempt from the obligation to connect the network of the building to "a electronic communications network high-speed open to the public.

FCRAM in the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS - we dismantled - FCRAM uses memory as main memory. The Fujitsu chip reference MB82M8080 is indeed a chip with 512 megabytes of FCRAM, or 128 MB FCRAM, aka Fast Cycle RAM memory is faster than SDRAM (and their variants DDRx usual) that is especially capable of transmitting information on the row and column (to reach a bit in particular) simultaneously, whereas conventional memories both send information separately.

The Radeon HD 6790 in the starting blocks

According to sources, AMD will launch on 5 April a new model of graphics card, the Radeon HD 6790. Based on a chipset Barts THE etched into 40 nm, with 800 stream processors and 40 texture units and clocked at 840 MHz, this card has 1 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1050 MHz on a 256-bit bus, for a bandwidth up to 134.4 GB / s.

Two power connectors PCI-Express 6-pin would be required, while the peak at 150 watts TDP. Able to deliver a power of 1.34 TFLOPS, the Radeon HD 6790 seems slightly less powerful than the Radeon HD 6850 (1.5 TFLOPS) while consuming substantially more (the TDP of the Radeon HD 6850 is 129W).

Kingston corrects its SSD firmware V100

Posseseurs SSD Kignston SSDNow V100, beware: the original firmware can sometimes crash during boot and make the disk unusable. A new firmware has just been published by the manufacturer. The process of updating is quite simple and requires just boot from a CD containing the program and update the new firmware: it is no loss of data.

The firmware D110225a Kingston SSDNow on the following references: SV100S2/64GZ, SV100S2D/64GZ, SV100S2N/64GZ, SV100S2/128GZ, SV100S2D/128GZ, SV100S2N/128GZ, SV100S2/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ. It can be downloaded at this address.

Hanns.G HL245: a 24-inch Full HD LED

Hanns manufacturer. G has unveiled a new model of LCD backlight LEDs, the HL245. With a slab of 23.6-inch diagonal displays a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this LCD has a response time of 5ms, a brightness of up to 250 cd / m² and a rate Contrast 1000: 1 (15 million: 1 dynamic). VGA and DVI are available, while the foot control that allows a tilt.

In short, a screen rather classic ... Available at a price of 153 euros, the HL245 is finally guaranteed for three years.

Cubitek launches Magic Cube series of boxes made entirely of aluminum

Cubitek has announced the launch of its new series of boxes called Magic Cube computer, made entirely of aluminum. The new Magic Cube 8HDD has already been launched. With its anodized aluminum frame painted black, is expected to attract the attention of many users due to its design in 3 boxes. With three separate sections, the Magic Cube 8HDD separates the components in three different heat zones, providing users with better cooling and silence, and a design flexibility than ever before.

TDJ: GoFlex UPD MMX 300 Beyer Dynamic

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of MMX 300, Beyer Dynamic manufacturer, a headset comes with a USB sound card and displayed on a tariff of 280 euros. Covering a spectrum ranging from 5 to 30,000 Hz, this product exudes quality. But this price is justified provided it? For its part, our fellow GinjFo has recently reviewed the FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive Seagate external hard drive 2.5-inch format with a capacity of 1.5 TB Enjoying the interface of modular GoFlex manufacturer, this external hard drive uses a USB 3.0 connector.

MySQL.com victim of SQL injection

Fills out the awkwardness of certain directors and MySQL. com was hacked last weekend by a SQL injection. The hackers were able to extract usernames and passwords footprints they have not failed to post on pastebin. com. Two Romanian hackers have claimed the act with the release of identifiers on the Internet.

Hackers have also attempted to use the same attack on the Oracle site, but they left empty-handed. They were nevertheless able to decrypt passwords using simple table rainbow sky that can find a password from its footprint. Thus the world has discovered that the director responsible for the account in Wordpress MySQL used only as a four-digit password (the code of his bank card?).

Windows 7 PC Thin recycle your machines

Microsoft has released the Community Technology Preview of Windows PCs Thin (WinTPC), a version of Windows 7 very limited and intended for older machines that can not run applications with the Windows 7 operating system traditional. WinTPC transforms the machine into a thin client. The server then takes care of the calculations and sends them to the client, which has the advantage of relieving the computer greatly.

Google hiring Mr. Java

Google has hired James Gosling, the father of the famous Java programming language. It should work on many projects, including the integration of Java in Android at the heart of a lawsuit with Oracle. During the acquisition of Sun by Oracle, Mr. Gosling has been compared to Larry Ellison "prince of darkness" and said that his eyes shone when his lawyers realized they could lodge a complaint against Google for patent infringement.