Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In 2012, the 3D glasses standard

Previously the user was limited when you buy a 3D TV glasses on the models of the manufacturer. The different types of transmission between the glasses and the TV made the exchange of models from different manufacturers used to be impossible. That should change now: With the initiative to the leading companies make the consumer market for 3D-enabled devices more manageable.

The agreement of the initiative involves different radio-and infrared-transmission protocols. They provide data transport between the glasses and organize player and the opening and closing of the glasses synchronized with the picture. From the TV or projector for home cinema via the PC-monitor technology to the cinema: All transmission types, ought to be compatible with a universal eye.

New Laptop: Acer Aspire 8951G: Full HD notebook with a special touchpad

Depending on the price potters in the Acer Aspire 8951G-i, a core processor (Sandy Bridge) with two to four cores and a clock speed of up to 2.6 gigahertz (GHz) or 3.4 GHz Turbo mode is active. Acer installed four gigabytes (GB) of RAM, which can be upgraded as needed to a maximum of 16 GB. The image calculation assumes an Nvidia graphics card with DirectX 11 support.

Five built-in stereo speakers promise rich sound in film, music and games. The Aspire 8951G has an 18.4-inch LCD display with full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels). Add an optional Blu-ray drive can therefore play high definition movies directly on your notebook. Alternatively, you connect via HDMI to an external monitor or TV.

Google + App now available for all IOS devices

And it took just 16 days, the newly launched Google's social, broke the ten-million-member mark - even though the service previously accessible only by invitation. A success for the competition for each and needed more than two years. Million users of Android phones were already before the start of the service to access the corresponding mobile application - here, finally Google has control over the new arrivals.

Apple releases Lion Recovery Disk Wizard

Apple has released the Lion Recovery Disk wizard to clone the partition backup on an external Lion, such as an external hard drive or USB key. This is a solution to the problems that some users might experience after a hard drive failure or SSD, but this does not solve everything. To take advantage of this utility, it is imperative to have a machine running on Leo.

For the record, the new operating system creates a backup partition on which it is possible to start to reinstall the operating system or restore a Time Machine backup and carry out certain repairs of storage media. The problem is that in case of severe damage, it is impossible to boot from this partition that resides on the primary disk.

Samsung BD-C5900: 3-D Blu-ray Player

To view 3D movies, you need not only a 3D-player of course also a 3D-capable, including appropriate 3D glasses. Was to test the Samsung BD-C5900 with 130 inches of screen size to use course you can also use the C5900 with any normal flat screen TV in 2D mode. Because the supply of 3D movies is lean yet (August 2010), were used except for two 3D animated films for testing, two demo discs.

With the Blu-ray playback via the HDMI output showed only minimal blurring. The visual inspection, the figures rose significantly from the background, and in some passages was indeed the impression that individual objects would stand out from the TV. The 3D effects in "Monsters vs. Aliens seemed "almost as spectacular as in the cinema.

The features of OpenGL 4.2 are released

The Khronos Group has released the features of OpenGL 4.2. The program includes small changes to make life easier for developers. The OpenGL compatible graphics cards require only 4 updated drivers to support new products. NVIDIA has already released an update on its website. AMD will soon follow suit.

The announcement was made at the opening of SIGGRAPH 2011, living on the world of computer graphics, held for the first time this year outside the United States, specifically in Canada, Vancouver. Among the new features, there is the possibility of re-forms that have already been tessellisées by the GPU instead of forcing them to go through the process of tessellation.

Many Intel LGA 1156 reach the end of life

Are 20 processors that Intel dismetterà before the second half of 2011 as they have reached the stage of the market referred to as EOL (end of life). This means that the chipmaker will not take more orders for them from its OEM partners and channel and stop the production. The warranty period but continues to be maintained in compliance with company policies.

The models in the list that are of greater attention are the Core i7-970 and LGA 1366 Core i7-880, Core i7-875K, 870S-Core i7, i5-760, 750S-i5, i5-655K, LGA-530 Core i3 1156. The latter witness again how the LGA 1156 has been only one transition for Intel platform, likely to be considered among those with the shorter life of the desktop motherboard market.

IBM abandons its Blue Water Project (10 Pflops)

IBM and the National Center of supercomputers at the University of Illinois announced abandon their Blue Waters project which aimed to create a machine with a maximum computing power of more than 10 Petaflops which started in 2008. It was the first to have a sustained computing power of more than 1 Pflops 2008 was a symbolic year for IBM since he was the first to leave a petaflops supercomputer in excess.

Intel's Sandy Bridge at the end of 2011. Ivy Bridge in March 2012

The Sandy Bridge-E Intel's desktop products enthusiast to replace the current LGA 1366 will almost certainly by the end of 2011 as originally intended by the manufacturer. The problems were suggesting a possible delay, however, have not yet been completely resolved: Intel has chosen to use the cheaper versions of the chipset Patsburg (indicated by the suffixes A and B) with a smaller number of 6 SATA ports Gb / s PCI Express 3.0 support missing to leave top model Patsburg D-2012.

The Tablet PC Dell Latitude XT3 here soon

Unveiled in February, the Latitude XT3 was originally to be launched in July. So with a few weeks late this convertible Tablet PC has just made its appearance at Dell (U.S. and Canada in the first place). Displaying the dimensions of 323 x 222 x 31 mm, this Tablet PC has a rotating screen and touch (finger and stylus) of 13.3 inches, capable of displaying a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

The Latitude XT3 with a processor Core 2310M-i3, i5-2520m-2620m or Core i7 with integrated graphics chipset HD 3000, accompanied by up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory. There is also a DVD burner (optional), a hard disk with a capacity of 320 GB (SSD or 256 GB max) and audio controller, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n WiFi.

New AMD Radeon: the DDR3!

Surprisingly, AMD launched in Japan a range of Radeon: memory modules DDR3 Radeon stamped. The range includes three series Entertainment, and UltraPro Gaming Enterprise. Their features are anything but stunning: As you can see, the series Enterprise is not yet fully defined. The other two were seen in some Japanese shops.

The memory chips are AMD markings, but it seems more likely that the mark outsources manufacturing to industry experts.