Thursday, March 17, 2011

Full-HD Flat Panel Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster C27A750: Monitor with wireless connection to PC

By "ultra-wideband" radio, the screen connects to the PC. A monitor cable is not required. As a receiver is the monitor, a USB dongle that you plug as a memory stick into a socket of the PC / notebook. The wireless connection is working within a radius of one meter. Once you place the computer in this area, whose image appears on the Samsung display.

In addition, the monitor as a hub for external USB devices can be used: four USB ports, two to 3.0 standard, you'll want to connect printers and other peripheral devices. These can then use via wireless connection. The of the display with a diagonal of just 69 centimeters is 1920x1080. An HDMI interface ensures loss-free transmission of high resolution video signals to the screen.

Vigor EX: a workstation mobile dual-Xeon

The problem with conventional mobile workstations, it is very often the lack of raw power and storage space. Of course, business notebooks are becoming more powerful, but it is not always enough. The manufacturer NectComputing proposes a true portable workstation, the Vigor EX S5500. Comprising a 17-inch screen (touchscreen optional) capable of displaying a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and a Xeon platform, this computer is integrated with a reinforced frame with carrying handle and anti-shock protection.

Scythe Launches Kama card reader Reader Jr

The Japanese manufacturer Scythe continues to include new products in its catalog of accessories for the PC. In this occasion a small card reader that has called Kama Kama Reader Reader Jr. Jr. is a multiformat card reader's compact size, which can be installed on a 3.5 "bay. It is ideal for accessing (reading and writing) quickly to any memory card market.

In addition, Kama Reader Jr. has a front USB 2.0 port. Kama Jr. Reader is available at a MRSP of 7.50 € plus VAT.

A mini-PC multimedia home soon Arctic

Arctic does seem determined to diversify its activities. The manufacturer should indeed soon launch a mini-PC multimedia receiving passive cooling system. Few details about the MC001 - that's his name - are currently known, but pictures of the beast, however, are already available. Running on Windows 7, this mini-PC has a memory card reader and two USB 3.0 ports on the front.

There is also an optical drive, audio connectors and it seems to be an infrared receiver. Brief: "wait and see" ...

Secure by encrypting its Android smartphone

Since the number of thefts of mobile phones is increasing, it is interesting to secure their content. An application is out for Android smartphones designed to encrypt all data using an algorithm AES 256. The key used for encryption is derived from a password chosen by the user, thereby enhancing its security with respect to the encryption key of an iPhone for example.

WhisperCore is certainly a welcome addition for users of Android, which had hitherto no equivalent alternative available to them. WhisperCore is far from being finalized: still marked "beta", it is only compatible with the Nexus O Google / Samsung.

Laptop News: Packard Bell EasyNote LS: Notebook in elegant design

The EasyNote LS is depending on the design a "i3" - "i5" - or "i7" processor of the second generation are used. As a graphic unit are the AMD chips "HD 6650M" and "HD 6470M" to vote. The device has a dual hard drive slot for a total capacity of 1.5 terabytes. Optionally, the EasyNote LS with a Blu-ray drive is available.

To connect external devices are an HDMI port and three USB ports (two times 2.0, even 3.0) on the housing. Wireless connectivity is the laptop and 3.0 per her. Several shortcut keys make it easier for users to use: To create a button for data backup, control playback settings or connect with up to three online social networks.

Preview: adventure game for PS3 and Xbox 360: LA Noire: The pixel Cause

After the Second World War soldier Cole Phelps enters the service of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) in order to let the horrors of battle behind him, and finally to do something good. Quickly drops to his superiors that the ambitious young man brings initiative and intuition, and obviously more draufhat to write a ticket.

Soon Cole pushes more patrols, but makes Detective hunting large fish. They take in the adventure game "LA Noire" the role of Heat and dive this deep into the dark soul of the city, marked by murder and manslaughter. To see in advance how exciting life as a tough cop in the city of angels, the editors took the gamepad on hand and dipped into a classic detective novel of the '40s.

Tom's Guide: What will the iPhone is 5?

Our colleagues and neighbors at Tom's Hardware just published a feature on the future iPhone 5, and the various rumors that you can hear here and there about it. While it is now almost certain that Apple will launch the fifth version of its iPhone this summer, we do not yet know with certainty its exact specifications.

Version of low-cost, performance improvements, sliding keyboard and NFC: What could be done on future iPhone?

The FX AMD Bulldozer in advance?

If the official launch date of the first processors AMD Bulldozer is set by the manufacturer in the second quarter of 2011, rumors of more precise dates are starting to bloom on the canvas. While they talked so far of 20 June as tentative date to launch the first-FX 8000, FX 6000 and FX-4000, sources close to the motherboard manufacturers are now reporting June 11 as launch date .

A rumor to be taken with the tongs of rigor as that day falls on a Saturday ... In any case, whatever the exact date of launch of these processors, the most important thing they are available at this time and that 'is not a mere "paper launch".

Constellation 3 TB in 7200 rpm Seagate

Yesterday, Seagate announced SSDs and hard drives 2.5-inch Savvio for professionals. But there are also listings for lovers of storage, with the Constellation ES.2. This new range offers a capacity of 3 TB hard drives in 3.5 inch. There are four versions of the Constellation ES.2: SATA 6 Gbit / s with or without hardware encryption and SAS 6 Gbit / s with or without encryption.

Hard drives have a MTBF of 1.2 million hours, a 64 MB cache and spin at 7200 rpm. The maximum flow rate announced is 155 MB / s, slightly less than the Savvio 10K.5 announced at the same time. Consumption is obviously high, 3.5 inches requires: 7.4 W and 11.3 W in idle operation. Seagate is the servers that need large storage space while maintaining good performance, Savvio range is limited in capacity.

BenQ EW2430 in the VA panel to 240 €

Unveiled earlier this year, the manufacturer BenQ EW2430 screen begins to appear, pre-order in some stores in Europe. Announced at a suggested retail price of 279 euros, this 24-inch screen is displayed in practice from 237 euros. The EW2430 is to recall an LCD with a VA panel and a backlight LED. It boasts full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a contrast ratio of 3000: 1 (dynamic contrast ratio of 20 million: 1) and viewing angles up to 178 °.

The characteristics of AMD Llano

Our colleagues from Xbit Labs continue to distill information about future AMD processors in dribs and drabs. Their latest leak concerning Llano Fusion processors, which will constitute the core of the AMD in the coming months. The data table below is particularly comprehensive. AMD will launch a total of 11 Llano.

The launch would take place around July 20 with only 5 models (4 and 1 quad core dual core), a dual core would follow in the third quarter, then the range will grow in the fourth quarter. All these processors have an integrated GPU, more or less powerful. AMD architecture decline in Northern Islands 32 nm and integrate with the Radeon HD 6550/6530/6410/6370 Llano somewhat different from what we know today.

TDJ: Zotac GeForce GTX 550 AMP Ti!

Our fellow Cowcotland recently launched a test of Ti GeForce GTX 550 AMP! Zotac, a graphics card just formalized. Occupying a factory overclocking, the GeForce GTX 550 Ti features a GPU clocked at 1000 MHz (and shaders running at 2000 MHz) while the reference model must be content with a graphics chipset running at 900 MHz.

The GB of GDDR5 memory interfaces running in 192-bit on him at a frequency of 1100 MHz. Verdict?

New Intel processors firms: performance, security and flexibility

Intel has introduced a new range of processors for businesses, providing more security and ease of management leaders in the sector. The new 2 nd generation Intel Core vPro delivers the performance and capabilities of the new Intel architecture, improvements in Intel vPro technology and new security features (including the so-called "capsule poisonous 3G and GPS) to protect data of a computer.

A Wi-Fi adapter N is to be forgotten

D-Link has just introduced its first Wi-Fi adapter N (150 Mbps) at Pico USB DWA-121. Reserved for the moment in North American market with a European release date still unclear, this adapter has the great advantage of offering Wi-Fi n old computers with no such module. It is much more convenient than the opening of its case for inserting a PCI or PCI-Express and much more aesthetic than larger dongles protruding antennas that are marketed today.