Monday, February 28, 2011

Intel SSDs hide a 510 controller Marvell

Surprise! The new generation of Intel SSD that the world was waiting to give a headache to productions SandForce controller actually use a brain Marvell. For better or for worse? There is still a bit early to say, the launch of Intel SSD 510 Series is a bit rushed: the products were sent Friday and we have not received any copy of the test.

Our colleagues Hardware. com and PcInpact were lucky that allowed them to make this discovery: the controller 510 is not manufactured by Intel. This is a Marvell chip-88SS9174 BKK2, an evolution of the Comptroller of Crucial SSD C300. According to preliminary quick tests of our brothers, the 510 show a performance profile similar to C300: excellent in sequential transfers (where the 250 GB model by Intel reaches 500 MB / s read and 315 MB / s write), the trolling random access (where they are overtaken by Intel's X25-M).

What Can Apple iPad A5?

We talked a lot about ARM processors recently and showed that if Apple sells the A4 as "his" processor, we note that the chip is very similar to Samsung's Hummingbird - a few details - and that Korean society is in part the origin of the A4. And that's after it gets interesting ... Indeed, there are interesting things to analyze on the GPU.

On the CPU, it's pretty clear Apple will use an a priori Cortex A9 with two cores. The company has a priori not yet had the time nor the means to design an ARM core "house" and the Cortex A9 is the only logical solution, such as NVIDIA, and Texas Instruments ... Samsung. For the GPU, it is interesting to note that the beta versions of IOS indicate that Apple could use a GPU type PowerVR SGX543 MPx.

CeBIT 2011: Asus launches four new Tablet PCs

The "Eee Pad Slider" has a 10.1 inch touch screen. The dual-core processor "Tegra 2" from Nvidia is driving him. From the same manufacturer is the graphics chip. The Tablet PC has a digital camera with five megapixel resolution and is a second cam, the 1.2 megapixel resolution. Special feature: By pushing the display is a full keyboard to light that makes the tablet a mini-notebook.

Operating system: the optimized for large displays "Android 3.0." The sliders are available with and without a UMTS module. Also, the Tablet PC "Eee Pad Transformer comes with 10.1-inch touch screen and two Tegra processor. On board are Android 3.0, the aforementioned cameras and an HDMI interface.

Strategy game for PC: Shogun 2: Total War - Pictures from the feudal Japan

In 2000, the development studio Creative Assembly invited with "Shogun - Total War, the conquest of feudal Japan. In the period of Warring States (15th-16th centuries) it was your mission to wipe out as the leader of one of the feuding clans, the opposing leaders. Successful strategists prevailed at the end as Shogun over a united country.

Now publisher Sega has announced the return of the "Total War" series to its historical roots. With "Shogun 2 - Total War" live through a second time the rise of clan leaders from the simple to the ruler of Japan. Thus almost the similarities end with the first part. For the second trip to feudal Japan Creative Assembly promises several new features.

From X58 to overclock Gigabyte

The manufacturer Gigabyte is currently putting the finishing touches on its motherboard X58A-OC, a model for processors on socket LGA 1366 and designed for overclocking enthusiasts. The X58A-OC has six DDR3 slots, four PCI-Express x16, one PCI slot, audio controllers 5.1 (Dolby Home Theater) and Gigabit Ethernet and two USB 3.0 ports.

Six SATA 3 Gbps connectors are also present, along with two SATA 6 Gbps. In short, so far, nothing extraordinary. It is indeed on the side of features for overclocking this motherboard is interesting. Thus, even if it has a completely passive design, this motherboard can support up to seven fans.

TRIM, GC and DSS point

Preamble: 18 months ago, when the introduction of the TRIM command, we wrote about the value of technology and how it works right. It seemed interesting, when the majority of SSD support this command to return to this technology. Remember that Windows 7, during its "server" and Linux support the TRIM command.

For Mac OS X, it will be Mac OS X 10.7, Lion. Before seeing how to fix it, see where it came from. Typically, SSDs are working with an allocation table that is not synchronized with the file system: write a file at the beginning of the file system does not necessarily write the file here on the SSD (there not even, strictly speaking, the beginning and end).

Sales of servers: IBM and HP dominate

According to figures just released by the institute Gartner, the server market would have risen 16.4% between the fourth quarter 2009 and fourth quarter 2010, reaching 14.68 billion dollars. IBM consolidates its leading position with 35.5% market share, while HP is still second with 30.4%. After Dell (13.1%), Oracle (5.5% market share, down 16.2%) and Fujitsu (3.8%).

In terms of volume, it is HP remains the leader with more than 767,000 units sold during the fourth quarter (+6.9%) against 515,274 units for Dell and "only" 332,254 servers for IBM. We note in passing that Oracle saw its shipments of servers to contract by 40.8%, with only 36,614 servers sold.

Survivor BitFenix Core, comprehensive analysis

Atom N570: two cores, 1.66 GHz

Asus will launch a new version of the Eee PC 1015PN this year and presentation to a processor at CeBIT announcement yet unknown. Although Asus hides the name of the processor on these cards have, it's pretty easy to discover his name: Atom N570. The machine therefore offers a dual core processor at 1.66 GHz, 1.5 GHz cons on the now classic N550, and a NVIDIA video chip, a Next Gen ION.

The processor is not really new, Intel dual-core models at 1.66 and 1.8 GHz in its range, but only for platforms "fixed". In the range 'laptop, the N550 is limited to 1.5 GHz and only models with a single core above this frequency. But segmentation Intel does not interfere with netbook manufacturers and models with an Atom N330 or D525 are ...

Predator V3 SSD SATA 6 Gbps at AMP

The manufacturer Active Media Products - AMP for short - has just announced the launch of a new model of SSD, the Predator V3. With 6 Gbps SATA interface, this SSD 2.5-inch format uses a Marvell controller Van Gogh (88SS9174) and MLC NAND flash memory, 128 MB and loads of DDR3 memory for buffer. Supporting course the TRIM command, the Predator V3 is available in 64 GB and 128 GB 64 GB model can reach speeds of around 360 MB / s sequential read and 100 MB / s write while that the model rises to 128 GB 410 MB / s sequential read and 200MB / s write.

Western Digital hard drives still believes in the

While a number of manufacturers historical disks have taken the train of SSD running in recent months, it is clear that this is not really the case of Western Digital, at least in regard to the mass market . The manufacturer continues to claim to believe in hard drives, and has even announced it would invest over five years some 500 million Singapore dollars, equivalent to 285 million euros to develop new technology dedicated to this type of product.

Flash Player 11 will move to 3D

Flash Player 11 to watch. The next version of Adobe Reader will pass to 3D with a new API called Molehill. Requires 3D acceleration, Flash Player 11 will require a suitable hardware configuration: a Windows PC with a DirectX 9 graphics card, a Mac running Mac OS X 10.6 or Linux machine with a graphics card that supports OpenGL.

Indeed, Molehill is able to work with either OpenGL or DirectX 9. Molehill is an API that is intended to manage the 3D in Flash, using the GPU of course. Currently, since Flash 10.1, Adobe enables 3D effects on 2D, what the company calls the 2.5D, and the effects are rendered on the CPU, which limits performance.

Movement control: Asus Wavi Xtion: Kinect clone for PC

Sales of Kinect went Christmas shopping in 2010 by. The 3D camera for the Xbox 360 console sales boosted by a whopping 70 percent compared to the same period. A success that even Microsoft had not. Apparently spurred this success in the competition - albeit in a different market segment. By Wavi Xtion Asus wants to make the PC wohnzimmerfit.

The device is to identify how the technology Kinect share movements in three dimensional space. After the presentation of the user navigates by Asus gesture control through its music and movie collection, or surf the web. With the appropriate development tools to quickly follow applications for the new hardware.

TDJ: Lepa G700-MA, CM Storm SPAWN

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of Spawn, a mouse sold by the manufacturer CM Storm (NLA gamers from Cooler Master). Equipped with a sensor displaying a maximum resolution of 3500 DPI, the Spawn is relatively compact with dimensions of 75.5 x 110 x 35 mm. It also embeds an internal memory of 32 KB to save the settings.

Verdict? For his part, Brother 59 Hardware has just launched an online test Lepa G700-MA, a modular power supply providing a power of 700 watts and 80Plus certified Gold. Showing the dimensions of 150 x 86 x 160 mm, the G700 Lepa-MA has an active PFC. It has a 140 mm fan and three +12 V rails Verdict?

Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti slows its SOC to 950 MHz

A few weeks after launching a first GeForce GTX 560 Ti SOC (Super OverClocked) on the market, the manufacturer Gigabyte has unveiled a new model, the GV-N560SO-1GI-950. Featuring a dual-slot cooling Windforce 2X, this GeForce GTX 560 Ti features a GPU clocked at "only" 950 MHz, 1000 MHz for the cons of the first model, but 900 MHz for GeForce GTX 560 Ti classics.

The 384 CUDA cores running at 1900 MHz while the GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1145 MHz on a 256-bit bus. Compatible with 2-way SLI, the GTX 560 Ti SOC finally has two DVI outs and a mini HDMI. Gigabyte has not yet indicated on price or availability date for this graphics card. However, it is expected to face appeared on the shelves within the next fortnight.

MSI unveils R6950 Twin Frozr III PE

Micro Star International has introduced a new customized version of the Radeon HD 6950 2GB. The card is called R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition and as the name suggests using third-generation owner of the cooling system MSI: Twin Frozr III. This system consists of an aluminum radiator connected to the base with 5 copper heatpipes and topped with two 80mm fans that use the technology MSI Propeller Blade (according to the Taiwanese technology that provides an airflow of 20% higher than a traditional fan).

New fans from Scythe Gentle Typhoon

The Japanese company has expanded its family of Scythe Gentle Typhoon fans with three new models from 120mm diameter dedicated to fans of air-cooligg without compromise. The three fans have a fixed speed of 3000, respectively 4250 and 5400RPM and offer an amazing airflow of 83, 116.5 and 150.1 CFM. Of course the downside of such power is the noise that came in at 36.5, 44 and 50.5 dB, although Scythe stresses that these are the same performance the fans "quieter" category.

Gmail: deleted mailboxes. 150,000 users affected

Fatal error free e-mail service "Gmail". In recent days, disappeared the mailboxes of more than 150,000 users from the Internet. The seller is working on a solution. As the company reports, the damaged mailboxes will be up again in the coming hours. What led to the failure is unknown. For affected Gmail users, access is denied to  account during the repair work.

Denon: A software update for AVC-and AVP-A1HDA A1HDA

Denon has announced that the amplifier integrated audio / video AVC-A1HDA processor and audio / video AVP-A1HDA will soon have an upgrade hardware and software. The update will allow two devices to fully support the 3D video streams and provide support for new technologies XT32 Audyssey MultEQ, Audyssey DSX and Dolby Prologic IIz.

Thanks to Dolby Prologic IIz, providing additional upper front speakers are offered a greater depth to the soundstage. Audyssey DSX technology allows you to calibrate all the speakers in accordance with the procedure chosen by the user while the system Audyssey MultEQ XT32 provides a precision 32 times higher than the MultEQ XT is currently available in the two devices.

HD6990 over to reviewers, expected to debut on March 8?

AMD has started to send the first Radeon HD 6990 reference board of the reviewers. The site HardOCP has published at this address, a sneak preview of this new top of the range graphics card that combines two HD 6000 Series GPUs on one PCB. According to the information 3DCenter the debut of the Radeon HD 6990 has been set for March 8, shortly after the end of CeBIT in Hannover.

Detailed images of a sample of VGA "Antilles" was the codename used by AMD to identify the Radeon HD 6990, are available in our previous news. The official price and complete technical specifications have not yet been revealed.

2.3.3 Android: it changes colors

Hard Drives USB 3.0 A-Data

Manufacturer A-Data has recently launched a new line of external hard drives equipped with USB 3.0: Classic CH11. Available in capacities of 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB, external hard drives in these 2.5-inch are available in several colors (black, white or pink). As for performance, A-Data announces speeds up to 90 MB / s.

Already sold on the European market, CH11 are available at rates 52.73 euros for the 500GB model, to 70.22 euros the 750 GB and 84.72 euros for the 1 TB version

Cooler Master introduces a new model series 450W Xtreme Gamer

Cooler Master is proud to present the new model series 450W Xtreme Gamer, which has certified 80 Plus "and shows therefore able to ensure low fuel consumption in any load condition. One of the main features of the GX series is represented by the line of 12V, which allows for greater stability and support of optimal high-performance systems.

Designed to specifications ATX 12V V 2.31, the last in chronological order with respect to food Desktop, 450W GX EMI filter has a double layer that reduces electromagnetic interference, a fan "smart" and a 120 mm combined control Active PFC / PWM increases efficiency. Thanks to the efficiency reaches 85%, the GX Series is certified 80 Plus: greater efficiency, lower the amount of energy dispersed during operation of the feeder, all this translates into lower power consumption and therefore in a higher electric bill savings.

The Radeon HD 6990 is a picture

Press photos of the Radeon HD 6990 recently made their appearance on the Web, even before the card is formalized by AMDLa first card dual GPU (both 6970) Radeon HD 6000, known under the codename Antilles is expected to March. It will most likely be announced for CeBIT. Meanwhile, AMD has decided to give official photos.

You can see a single fan supposed to cool both GPU and 4 GB of GDDR5 using a bus of 2 x 256 bits. The card has a DVI port and four ports Mini DisplayPort for management Eyefinity.

Intel does SSD as cache

Intel has started production of its chipsets Z68, H61 and Q65 and integrated functionality enabling the use of SSD as a giant buffer, which is commonly called SSD caching. This technology would be reserved for Z68 are intended for enthusiasts. They are, in fact, consumers who are most inclined to invest in this kind of support.

Specifically, the controller uses the SSD as a buffer to the hard drive, storing only the data used most often. This allows in principle to improve performance that are close to those of DSS, without having to make a cross on capacity. Of course, everything depends on the controller that has a fundamental role and that he will manage all operations.

Nintendo 3DS output already Cracked

According to the Nikkei, Nintendo had sold more than 400,000 units since the launch of the console and would experience shortages. Nintendo would plan to sell 1.5 million 3DS by 31 March. It has already reached its third goal. The launch seems to be successful. The stores continue to receive pre-orders and first consumers seem satisfied.

A sign of its success is probably the fact that he has been Cracked to run games from an R4 card programs or homemade, as shown in the video below. We would obviously expect to whether the Japanese will come to take market share from its competitors, but one indicator to watch is the stated goal of selling 4 million Nintendo 3DS in the world by the end of its fiscal year, the last day of March.

Battlefield3, already disclosed the contents of the first DLC!

With the release of the extended version of the teaser trailer for Battlefiel 3, which we represent to view news, DICE has confirmed that the Limited Edition version of the game's first DLC will supplement entitled "Back to Karkand". This is an add-on package that includes four maps of the previous chapters updated with the new Frostbite game engine 2.0, along with weapons and vehicles in Battlefield 2.

What processor affordable for games?

Many of you ask the question of the processor at a reasonable price the more interesting in real games. What difference between the dual-core and quad-core Intel tri, quad and hexa-core AMD? How important current cache and frequency on the number of cores and architecture? Can play in full HD with a processor less than 100 €?

Mr. Walkman dies at the age of 84 years

Nobutoshi Kihara died Feb. 13 at the age of 84. Sony has just made public a new internal memo from his PD G Howard Stringer. He is considered by many as the father of Sony technology. Author of more than 700 patents, he is the father of the Walkman and the Betamax of an early transistor radios. He is largely responsible for the rise of the firm internationally.

He joined Sony at the time was called Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company, just after graduating from Waseda University in Tokyo. From a family of engineers, he paid his tuition by repairing radios. He quickly distinguished himself by creating the first magnetic tape recorder on.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wacom "unleashes" multitouch

Wacom offers an updated driver that allows bars "touch" of the brand to support multitouch on three and four fingers, against only two fingers behind. We talked about this possibility a few months ago, and we have the answer to our questions: Does it work on the shelves already sold? The simple answer is yes and no.

Yes, because some tablets (recent) are equipped with the necessary technology. No, because this is not the case for early release tablets. People who bought a tablet "touch" the launch will not have access to four-finger multitouch. For others, if the serial number ends in "/ K (A)" or "/ S (A), it should be good.

CeBIT 2011: BEEWI: Bluetooth accessory for Smartphones

A helicopter and a "Mini Cooper S" stand at the CeBIT booth H64-1 ready for testing. The vehicles can be controlled via a smart phone or tablet PC. For iPhone, iPad and smartphones with Android or Symbian operating system, the remote control is out of stock. Useful accessories for mobile Bluetooth device is found with the "BBH210.

The wireless stereo headset weighs only 40 grams and is collapsible for easy transport. Through the built-in microphone is also used as a headset. The stereo-box BBS300 "also connects wirelessly via Bluetooth with mobile phones, smart phones or mobile PCs. In case there are two speakers with an output power of one.

Noble USB flash drive from Transcend

The JetFlash 560 stands out not only by his silver-colored metal case and the checkerboard pattern. Well protected from dust and dirt, the USB connector is inside the stick. With a side-mounted button, push the connector out of the store from the case. There is also the manufacturer with "JetFlash elite" a software package from different data management programs as a free download.

The Sunday Quiz (6)

This week in the Quiz on Sunday, you are given an image and you must try to find what is and what it does. Today, something a little more difficult than for the first quiz, then hopefully. Responses are directly in the comments and we will answer Monday at 11 o'clock. Good luck. For the results, it is 2 points for first, 1 point for others.

Corsair will present at CeBIT its new series of SSD Force GT Series

Corsair has announced that it will make a demonstration of its new series of SSD devices Force GT Series at CeBIT to be held in Hannover (Germany) between 1 and 5 March this year. The new series of SSDs Corsair GT Force SandForce driver uses the new SF-2000, with native support for SATA 3 (SATA 6Gb / s) for incredible performance of up to 60K Random Write IOPS, read speeds of up 520Mb/sy 500mb / s write.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Action game for PS3 and Xbox 360: Lego Star Wars 3 - The Clone Wars demo released

In "Lego Star Wars 3 - The Clone Wars", you connect with many famous figures of the "Star Wars" series, to prevent the destruction of the republic. Manufacturers Activision presents now a demo for PS3 and Xbox 360 users. The trial version is almost 750 large. You can download it on and the Playstation Network.

Image Viewer: Software Tip of the Day: FuturixImager

"FuturixImager is a free program for viewing images. With the help of the integrated additional functions to edit your photos. Through filters to turn your pictures into a certain angle, change the colors or the shapes blur. FuturixImager works with Windows XP, Vista and 7, the program is only available in English.

Sparkle Announces GeForce GTX 580 Thermal Guru

Sparkle Computer, one of the most loyal partner nVidia has announced a new proposal based on the GeForce GTX 580. We refer to the solution called Sparkle Thermal Guru GTX 580 card, featuring a special cooling system lighter and more performance than the stock heatsink. The Taiwanese manufacturer has used a three-section radiator fins made of super-thin aluminum and crossed by four copper heatpipes as well.

Western Digital Announces SATA 6Gb / s

Western Digital has announced its new line of WD Caviar Blue and Black Caviar SATA Serial ATA 3-connected with 6Gb / s of bandwidth capacity up to 1 TB and 2 TB, respectively. The new connection interface will be adopted for all models of the two families in 3.5 inch format. Subject to the interface, in fact, the discs are exactly the same as those of a SATA 2 that preceded them and therefore have also the same as that ShockGuard technology that allows the heads to reposition itself to protect themselves in case of impact or vibration during operation.

Exceleram announced its EP-Series is too hot for the market

Exceleram The German manufacturer has announced its EP-Series range is too hot for the market. Your EP3001A (2GB 1333MHz CL9 1.5V) has reached 2252Mhz in the official list in the manufacturer's website. Product Manager Exceleram Steffen Eisenstein said, "These values are simply too hot, and for this reason the new EP-Series kits will bring special protection for users." This special protection has the word "hot" intrinsic, because each EP-Series kit will include a free condom.

Intel launched the production of Z68 for Sandy Bridge

Intel has not only restarted production of the new B3 revision of the P67 chipset for Sandy Bridge, but according to what is reported by VR-Zone, but on the production lines has also developed chipsets Z68, H61 and Q65. All new chipsets for the platform will be based on the Cougar Point B3 revision, then divorced by the bug of Serial ATA ports.

The Z68 model is particularly oriented enthusiast users as it would allow a better chance of overclocking, support for discrete graphics and integrated graphics and SSD drives for caching feature. The launch of the Z68 chipset, and probably the other two models, is expected for the first week of May.

Radeon HD 6870 which runs 6 screens

The manufacturer PowerColor could enjoy the CeBIT in Hanover soon to exhibit a model of Radeon HD 6870 with 6 mini DisplayPort outputs. The Radeon HD 6870 Eyefinity 6 benefit from a cooling system owner and will carry dual-slot GPU with 1120 stream processors and 2 GB of GDDR5 memory (on bus 256-bit), double the Radeon HD 6870 classics.

CrossFireX compatible, this graphics card does not yet have pricing or availability date. "Wait and see" ...

TDJ: GeForce GTX 460 SOC

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of the GTX 460 SOC Gigabyte graphics card receiving factory overclocking and cooling system owner. The GPU of the GeForce GTX 460 is clocked at 815 MHz as well, against 675 MHz for the reference model. Shaders running on their side at 1630 MHz, while the GDDR5 memory is "dragged" to 1000 MHz on a 256-bit bus.


Dual SIM phone from Samsung: Samsung DuoS B7722i

The dual-SIM feature, you are among the numbers of both SIM cards, such as home and work, always available and choose which SIM card you use for a call or a data connection. What makes the Samsung B7722i is that one of two SIM cards can be used while in the high-speed UMTS network. The 3.2 TFT touch screen provides a maximum of 240x480 pixels.

Thanks to HSDPA, and WLAN, you have quick access to the Internet and download various widgets on the proprietary operating system. It also has a 5 megapixel camera, FM radio, document viewer and social networking and instant messaging services. The unit has about 47 megabytes of dynamic memory you can expand via microSD up to 16 gigabytes.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Manage the demand for transistor is not easily

TSMC to increase its production capacity by 19% this year to meet a demand that flies. The semiconductor market goes through a crazy period. TSMC, which produces the equivalent of 11.3 million wafers of 200 mm per year, is in a difficult position but customers are demanding more and more components for the tablets and smarpthones.

This trend is found among all Asian smelters. The turnover of the Taiwanese factories grew by 39% between 2009 and 2010 and 2011 should confirm this trend. Specifically UMC has also increased production capacity, but Intel is already drawing the whistle. Indeed, as has happened with the NAND three years ago.

Ratings and download: online storage and data comparison: Dropbox: Easy to start in the Cloud

For data backup takes you less and less to traditional media such as CD, DVD, USB stick or external hard drive. As part of a global network wins the convenient storage of frequently used files on the Internet is increasingly important. Especially if you work on multiple PCs or travel a lot, is the continuous retrieval of files, an invaluable advantage.

So get into the cloud - the cloud - not just your data synchronized, but widely available on the Internet does. The Web service provides for this purpose, two gigabytes of online storage for free. If you need more space chooses the paid packages with 50 or 100 gigabytes. Use as a backup medium exhausted the possible applications of drop box but not for long.

Mobile companion: NC210: Samsung netbook with 15 hours battery life

Samsung claims to be optimized power consumption and, thanks to the three-cell battery for up to ten hours of continuous operation. With the optional six-cell battery even 15 hours are possible. For computing power provides the Intel dual-core "Atom N550" with 1.5 GHz. Him a work and 250 gigabytes of disk space available to the side.

Three USB ports, card reader and webcam are on board. The "PC to Phone" feature connects the NC210 via Bluetooth to the smartphone. Prima: The 10.1-inch display is reflective and readable even in direct sunlight. The Samsung NC210 will be available soon.

After the PS3 Hack: Playstation 3: Sony is gearing up for pirate-hunting

Sony has increasingly nervous: In parallel with the French against hacker George Hotz (Geohot) upgrade to the Japanese, their anti-piracy team. According to a console manufacturer is currently looking for new employees with experience in copy protection. The advertisement disappeared just hours after the announcement out of the net.

As early as February 2011 at Sony, users who take advantage of the vulnerability to permanently ban them from the Playstation Network.

Virtu: software to switch between GPUs Sandy Bridge in a dedicated graphics card

A few weeks after unveiling its technology Virtu, LucidLogix society - who also designed the chip Hydra - just put at the disposal of the motherboard manufacturers a Release Candidate software. The operating principle of Virtu is simple, at least on paper: use the GPU Sandy Bridge and a dedicated graphics card simultaneously.

Just like what NVIDIA offers its technology Optimus solution LucidLogix will choose which graphics card use and enable the IGP or dedicated card as required (office, 3D calculations, ...). The only equipment needed is the presence of a video output on the motherboard. MSI should logically be one of the first manufacturers to offer Virtu with its motherboards, the manufacturer has already at its catalog a number of models equipped with a chip Hydra.

First impression: Browser: Google Chrome 10: High speeds and uniform design

Google unifies the menu of your browser: Go to the options that open up as a separate tab, rather than being an additional window. Via buttons on the left to display a submenu of privacy or advanced options. The hotline is available on request on its own addresses, such as the initial setting. Since you were able to get the graphics card in your PC in a roundabout way to help, work, version 9, the more comfortable.

Android Nexus 2.3.3 for S and One

The Nexus and Nexus One S, two telephones Google are finally upgrading to 2.3.3 Android, the latest version for smartphones in the 2.4 and the pending merger of the smartphones and tablets (eventually). And if you do not want to wait for the update "OTA" (Over The Air) should happen in the coming days, it is possible to update the phone manually with - needless to say it - a final and official.

Intel ThunderboltT: the data connection for fast PC market

Intel has announced the launch of its technology Thunderbolt, a new high-speed connection for computers that allows us to combine high-speed transfer of data and graphics in high definition (HD) in a single cable. With a capacity of 10 Gbps., Thunderbolt technology can transfer a HD film in less than 30 seconds.

This solution, developed by Intel hit the market through technical collaboration with Apple, and will be available first in the new range of MacBook Pro laptops from Apple. The perspective that has been created Thunderbolt (so far received the code name "Light Peak") is to transfer digital media more quickly, simplify connections between devices and encourage new and exciting ways to design and use computers.

EXX900: 80Plus of Platinum from Enermax

Enermax should enjoy the CeBIT in Hanover next week to unveil the EXX900, the first feed manufacturer to receive certification 80Plus Platinum. Modular power supply that is actually capable of achieving an efficiency of 91.08% to 20% load, 92.51% at half load and 90.12% at full load. With a power of 900 watts, has four EXX900 +12 V rails It will unfortunately have to wait a little longer to get the price and availability date of this toy ...

WLED screens from AOC affordable

AOC has announced the launch in the U.S. in the first instance, three new models of LCD backlight LED's e2043Fk (20 inches), e2243Fwk (22 inches) and e2343Fk (23 inches). Relatively thin, with a thickness not exceeding 12.7 mm, this LCD display a dynamic contrast ratio of 50 million: 1 and a response time of 5 ms.

They have a single DVI input and are quite energy efficient (0.1 W standby, 15 to 34W max operating). Displayed at an MSRP of $ 129, respectively, $ 149 and $ 179, these three screens are unfortunately still no date of availability for our country.