Tuesday, June 7, 2011

icloud: online storage according to Apple

One of the highly anticipated announcements of WWDC 2011 was icloud, the online storage service to the firm that works on all apple products Mac OS X and IOS. Steve Jobs has explained that "icloud kept your important information and your content up to date on all your devices. The MobileMe service replaces complementing its functionality.

It is also compatible with Windows Vista and 7 and Outlook 2007 or 2010. MobileMe users will use the old service until June 30, 2012. After that date, Apple's servers disconnect. He extended subscriptions of users who will all expire at that time. It is of course possible to pass before icloud.

Some services are already available in the U.S. with the upgrading 10.3 iTunes. The offer will be fully operational in the fall and will be free except for iTunes Match which will be charged $ 24.99 the year. Apple also reported qu'iCloud could use the Wi-Fi network in more traditional service MobileMe, a calendar, address book and mail client, icloud marks the arrival of the iBookstore on iTunes .

The user account stores all icloud applications and all books purchased from the store. It is therefore possible to automatically download a new terminal iOS without having to go through a computer. It is possible to synchronize iOS 10 devices on an iTunes Store account. In the same vein, a backup service sends the cloud the titles of music purchased from the store, applications, books, the contents of the camera (photo and video), the device configuration and data applications.

Simply enter their username and password to retrieve the data immediately. Concretely, this does not replace a physical backup on his computer, mainly because icloud Backup does not save the pieces of music ripped from CDs or purchased from another online store and the movies regardless of their origin.

Apple can save documents by cons terminal iOS to synchronize across multiple platforms. For this, it offers 5 GB of space to its customers that account for documents, emails and backup. The pieces of music, applications and books purchased on iTunes are supported by icloud without affecting the 5 GB, as the clich├ęs Photo Stream.

It will be possible to acquire a larger space at a price that will be unveiled in the fall. Photo Stream is a system that sends the pictures taken at IOS for the share on all devices connected to icloud, including Mac OS X or Windows. The photos landed directly in iPhoto or Pictures folder of the operating system.

In order not to stifle iOS devices that do not have much space, only the 1000 most recent photos will be kept for 30 days. The pictures saved on the computers will be available indefinitely. In addition to the services that synchronize the content purchased on iTunes, iTunes Match offers the potential to increase its music library on the cloud.

If a user has a title available on the iTunes Store, but it has not bought on the Apple platform, the firm will allow it to download on its terminals iOS, as if he had bought on its website. The file is DRM free and encoded at 256 kbps, regardless of the encoding of the original file. The main purpose is to abstain from having to go through a computer or having to carry all his own library.

To ensure service icloud, Apple has built a data center in North Carolina where he has invested $ 500 million. According to the images presented at the conference, it seems that it uses HP servers, a view shared by Larry Dignan of ZDnet speculates that the operating system may be a modified version of Darwin/x86 which is central to Mac OS X is built on FreeBSD.

We finally conclude that the major users of MobileMe, and more particularly iWeb and iDisk are disappointed. Apparently Apple completely abandoned iWeb. It is true that the software has not been updated since a few years and icloud seems to end the possibility of hosting a website on Apple's servers.

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