Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A 3D display "PlayStation" for the players

Sony has just introduced the CECH-ZED1 a screen "PlayStation". Scheduled for fall 2011 at $ 500, this 24-inch screen is dedicated to the Sony console. Sony limit the diagonal, but offers attractive benefits: it works in 1920 x 1080 with a PVA panel - as in many Sony televisions - and a 5000:1 contrast announced.

The camera angles are very wide (normal PVA) with 176 ° in each direction and the response time is 4 ms. For lighting, it is a system "Edge LED" that is used: LEDs placed on the sides of the screen light up the slab. Interestingly, the screen will be compatible with the 3D terrain and will be delivered with a pair of active glasses, which can offer the 3D 1920 x 1080 on each eye.

Small innovation, it will be possible to play both on the same screen with this screen: if we have two pairs of glasses, each player will receive his image, taking care to synchronize console gamers and glasses. So we have a system approximating split screen that was found on the consoles of the 90s but with a complete picture for each player.

Hopefully the crosstalk (the mixture of images) is low, many 3D TV with the condition. Note that the console can not exceed the 720p mode in this game, like in 3D. For the rest, the screen is fairly complete in terms of connectors: two HDMI inputs, YUV input, audio input, audio output and compatibility with the remote "Blu-ray" from Sony.

For sound, two speakers are integrated (3 W) and a "subwoofer" to 5 W. The screen will be sold with a $ 500 pair of glasses and it will also be offered for only $ 70. The glasses are in charge with USB and Sony announces 30 hours. The Sony screen, if it is HDMI 1.4, could also attract PC gamers, the PVA is rare in the computer world.

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