Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Role-playing game for Xbox 360: Fable - The Journey: Kinect offshoot presented

"Fable - The Journey" - before the press conference that title already circulated through the network. Fans of the series hoping for a new offshoot series and the creator of role-playing saga Peter Molyneux it did not take to announce the title in person at the stage of the Microsoft press conference.

It was followed by a "Fable" type safe Render Trailer, full of atmosphere, located in the known world Albion - a good sign. In the subsequent game presentation was that the game focuses primarily Kinect. In "The Journey" and follow with your character a precalculated path. Mobs will do with the spells your hero - and you create with the movements of your hands and arms.

The whole thing had a very rudimentary and not as a typical representative of the cult series.

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