Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Game exhibition in Los Angeles: Sony brings life into the game

The Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena is a historic building. In the multipurpose hall opened in 1959, 1960, for example, a meeting of the Democratic Party of the USA took place - on the sent to John F. Kennedy in the race for the presidency. Between 1960 and 1967, all bore the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA games.

And in 1984 the building belonged to the venues of the Olympic Summer Games. Now Sony wants to write history in the hall - at the start of E3 2011, the Japanese invite the press conference in the multi-purpose arena. But first U.S. chief Jack Tretton takes a look back at the events that Sony not only enormous cost money but also reputation.

Naughty Dog is a new section of "Uncharted 3 'system: the scene shows the hero Nathan Drake on a ship in heavy seas. Rain falling on the deck, which is illuminated by the moon. The celestial body is reflected in the water. Great! The fact that Nathan is not here desired to show the next scene.

Hardly turned the corner, he lies in wait for even a bad guy. A few beats later, the villain is on the ground. Now Drake sneaks into the interior of the ship. From behind, he falls silent multiple opponents. Drake reached the storeroom of the ship. But what is it? A car racing at high speed towards him.

At the last moment deviates from Drake - the vehicle vorbeit thunders at him and rips a huge hole in the hull. Water penetrates. Soon it is up to the neck Drake. The hero swims a few feet and they can climb up on boxes - on a raised, dry plains. At last, to safety? Not at all. Water breaks through the walls, a huge roller rolled on Drake.

End of the demo. Thunderous applause. And rightly so. For optical and the successor is again a real eye-catcher. Detailverliebt decked scenery, chic lighting and shadow effects. lifelike animations and so on. The first audition is on 28 June 2011 be possible. Then Sony released a multiplayer beta.

The game will appear in November 2011. A bombed-out street, enemy gliders in the air and a lot of shooters shows the level. With shotguns, stun guns, machine guns, pistols and laser guns, you move the enemy to my body.

Among other things, a giant spider, which can shake the ground with each step. Impressive! Unfortunately, the presentation is in three minutes over. The next item on the agenda: a new 3D TV that is tailored specifically to gamers. The Clue: Depending on the angle, the focusing screen, thanks to a special technique in split screen mode for each of the two players a full screen dar.

Gone are the days when the image is divided! The 42-inch model comes in the fall with 3D shutter glasses, all necessary cables and the game "Resistance 3" for 499 U.S. dollars on the market. Now it is sporty. 2K Sports shows the simulation Basketball NBA 2k12. New: The gameplay can be controlled now with the Move-controller.

Direction Finding with the magic wand just any player and assign him to the path of an action such as a basket or throw a few clicks. The whole thing reminds a little of in terms of handling the Wii conversion of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 'series.

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