Tuesday, June 7, 2011

iOS 5 means leaving the tractor

Apple introduced iOS 5 and released a beta version for developers. Steve Jobs announced that this new version brought more than 200 new features and API 1500. As PD G liked to recall, this is primarily an operating system that "works with icloud in the Post PC revolution." In short, we move gradually towards a use that no longer requires a computer.

(See "icloud: online storage according to Apple). iOS 5 brings a new notification system. Instead of having a framework that appears in the middle of the screen and that disturbs the current activity, a bar is shown at the top of the screen to warn the user. It is also possible to read all the notifications at once by sliding his finger up and down.

Apple has decided to give a fillip to the distribution of magazines launching Newsstand, an application that includes all subscriptions. Each issue is downloaded automatically. It will be possible to purchase a subscription from the application. A section of the App Store will also be dedicated to such products.

iOS 5 marks the arrival of a new version of Safari that welcomes reader, the functionality already present in the PC version, which brings out the main text of a web page so as not to be distracted by other content as advertising or Sitelinks. It is also possible to save an article to read later on any device IOS, the list is synchronized.

Finally, the version for iPad browser has tabs that let you move from one page to another more easily. iOS 5 also integrates Twitter directly into the operating system in addition to providing formal application by default. This means that simply by entering your username and password to receive notifications of microblogging service and posting of messages or photos in Twitter is iOS from applications such as Photos, Camera, Safari, YouTube and Maps.

APIs available to developers of third party applications. The feature that has surprised many people IMessage is an instant messaging system that connects devices iOS them. It competes with Blackberry Messenger and SMS operators who have expressed their surprise at the announcement. Wi-Fi or 3G, the system is managed by the Messaging application already in use for texting.

It seems to automatically switch between two modes of communication. You can send pictures and video, to synchronize messages on multiple devices iOS 5, to obtain a receipt proving that the message has arrived and it was read to see if someone is typing and enjoy an encrypted connection.

Apple also updated the software responsible for taking photos. It is now possible to photograph from the screen lock button and volume + becomes a trigger. It is also possible to adjust the colors, erase red eye and crop the image from the software. The zoom now works with a pinch to zoom and optimize the grid is shot.

Finally, as rumors suggest, it is possible to synchronize the device with iTunes 5 iOS without having to connect to a computer. From the moment it is plugged into an AC outlet, the update can be done over Wi-Fi (see "5.0 iOS bring updates wireless). It is also possible to activate a device iOS 5 without having to plug into a computer.

Steve Jobs had compared the PC to tractors in an interview with journalists from The Wall Street Journal. The tractor is an indispensable means of transportation for the proper functioning of an ecosystem that uses agriculture to feed its members, but it is more suited to the lifestyle of the majority living in cities.

Similarly, he thinks that the tablets will replace computers that are now ill-adapted to new uses. The problem was that products "Post PC" as the iPad still asking a lot of interaction with PCs. Apple departs today a little more of those "tractors." However, only time will tell if his worldview "Post PC" is relevant.

Among the innovations reserved for the new Apple Tablet, we emphasize that the keyboard can be split into two in order to request that the thumbs of the user. It is also possible to clone the iPad screen 2 without using cables. AirPlay is an extension of who emerged this year that allows for streaming content on the new generation of Apple TV.

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