Tuesday, June 7, 2011

GIGABYTE 900 series motherboards for AMD

The manufacturer GigaByte show its new 900 series motherboards with socket AM3 + and support for AMD's new FX processors up to eight cores. Key Features of the Series 900. Support AMD FX. The Gigabyte 900 series integrates the new socket AM3 + supports the upcoming AMD FX series processors, the first processors aimed at mainstream market with up to 8 native cores.

Multi-GPU support the latest technology. The 900 series chipsets from AMD, with up to 42 lanes PCI Express generation 2.0, are also the first modes include 4-way AMD CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI. This means that with the Gigabyte 900 series can run the latest games with higher frame rates and resolution possible, without sacrificing the ultimate in multi-display settings such as AMD and NVIDIA 3D VISION Eyefinity.

Socket AM3 + Black. All plates GigaByte 900 series featuring the new AM3 + 'Black Socket', which implies full compatibility of these plates II and Phenom processors based on AMD Athlon AM3 II. AM3 + 'Black Socket' also has better energy efficiency and better heat dissipation. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 3 design Gigabyte Ultra Durable 3 has two ounces of copper for both power and ground layers, which greatly reduces the temperature of the system through a more efficient dissipation of heat from critical areas such as plate the CPU to the other parts of the circuit board.

Ultra Durable 3 also lowers the PCB impedance by 50%, reducing electricity losses, further lowering the temperature of the components. The design of 2 ounces of copper also provides improved signal quality and less emission EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), resulting in better system stability and greater margins for overclocking.

Drivers MOSFETs provide improved power transfer and improved efficiency when working in high frequency switching, in response to the high demand for power by modern processors. The MOSFETs Driver also help clear the area of VRM, resulting in a CPU area clean and tidy. Integrated Acceleration GIGABYTE 333.

Integrated Acceleration GigaByte 333 offers unparalleled performance by integrating the latest technology USB 3.0 and SATA Revision 3.0 (6Gbps). Using an additional driver Marvell SATA 3.0, the GIGABYTE UD7 and unheard UD5 offer up to 10 SATA 3.0. All 900 series boards provide three times more power in all USB ports for easy and quick reloads and meet the increased consumption USB devices.

DualBIOS GIGABYTE BIOS ROMs integrated with 2, GigaByte DualBIOS allows quick and safe recovery of the BIOS for any damage or failures resulting from virus or incorrect updates. In addition, GigaByte DualBIOS now includes boot disks 3TB or above without having to partition, thus supporting future high-capacity individual units of storage.

Playback Signal to Noise Ratio of 108dB All plates incorporate GigaByte 900 series audio codec Realtek ALC889, HD Audio provides high quality. The ALC889 incorporates proprietary converter technology from Realtek which is capable of providing a Signal to Noise Ratio of 108dB, thereby being able to enjoy a full HD experience improved audio.

Models motherboards Gigabyte 900 series:

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