Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wii's successor: U Wii: Nintendo's new console

Nintendo at E3 2011, a new console presents was well known. The big questions were still remained: What does the new games home of Mario, Zelda and Co., what is the name of the Wii's successor, and which innovative ideas will surprise the Nintendo gamer community? At least on some of the questions, the Japanese company was in the E3 press conference a response.

"We are you" - these two words of the head of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime breaks during the E3 press conference called off the new Nintendo console, and answered it, at least one of the questions provided in advance of the games fair for all sorts of rumors. U Wii is the successor to the Wii and should satisfy, according to Nintendo, both the mass market and hardcore fans.

In the silence enveloped Nintendo in terms of performance of the new console. The press release can only be inferred that the Wii U on an IBM-based multi-core processor sets and is able to output high-resolution images. In addition, the console has an internal flash memory plus the possibility to extend, the disk space as needed via SD card or external USB hard drives.

U of connections provides the Wii including a HDMI output, and four 2.0 interfaces. Reads the new Nintendo games console via an as yet unspecified optical storage medium. Good news for all Wii owners: the console is fully backwards compatible. Games and accessories that you bought for the Wii works so well with the new console.

The central point of the new Nintendo console is the controller. As with its predecessor, the Japanese group also concentrated at the U on an innovative Wii control concept. The pivotal point is this time a 6.2 large touch-sensitive 16:9 screen. The controller makes it possible for example to stop a running game on TV and continue playing on.

The calculations will continue providing the console and provides the data wirelessly to the input device. The transition between the controller and the TV screen is seamless. With a wiping motion to forward such as images from television or gamepad to shoot digital ninja stars at targets from the controller in the TV.

The new input device may also come as a magnifying glass is used. These will depend on it and look back towards the TV screen - the corresponding area appears magnified on the screen. Other possibilities of the hardware: video chat, mini-games that run on the controller, a painting software and multimedia applications.

Besides the touch screen of the new controller is based on the standard repertoire of modern gamepads, four shoulder buttons, four action buttons, a digital cross pad and two analog cycle, reminiscent of the slide pad of 3DS. The only L3 and R3 - so you press the buttons at Microsoft and Sony by pressing the analog sticks - the missing U Wii controller.

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