Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A USB 3.0 based ... SandForce

Super Talent offers an interesting USB: USB 3.0, it will use a controller type SandForce. It is quite logical: USB flash drives are - by definition - of SSDs, and the difference in performance between a conventional SSD and a USB key is usually due to one problem: price. With the miniaturization of components, the arrival of 25-nm MLC memory and USB 3.0, it is now possible to offer USB flash drives with similar performance SSDs in a relatively compact format, even if this USB key type are not the champions at this level.

Express uses the RC8 SandForce SF1222, like the previous generation of SSD (Vertex 2 for example) and measured performances are quite impressive: 260 MB / s read and 200MB / s write on compressible data and 180 MB / s read and ... 32 MB / s write data on incompressible. Super Talent should provide the key in three versions: 25, 50 and 100 gigabyte price of the 50GB version is $ 110, which is reasonable.

In the future, bridges SATA 6 Gbit / s to USB 3.0 (it is currently limited to SATA 3 Gbit / s in-house) should achieve the limit of USB 3.0, 500 MB / s.

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