Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Super Mario World 3: The rumor at E3 2011

Currently circulating on the internet to the next branch of the "Super Mario" series. An anonymous user who obviously has access to an E3-2011-PR of Nintendo heats up, the rumor mill to properly: The title appears likely for the successor to the Wii console. The game action takes place is obviously in an open world.

So it is not, as in many previous "Super Mario" titles to play through the stages of the level. The graphic is room for speculation: We are talking about a wealth of visual gimmicks, such as foliage, which flies around in the wind. The textures seem to be very detailed - though the charm to retain the legendary plumber series.

Yoshi also celebrates the source tells a comeback. In Super Mario World 3 "is apparently ubiquitous as he helps Mario mount the large distances to overcome the game world. Furthermore, it seems again the egg moves from "Yoshi's Iceland" to give.

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