Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Halo 4: The return of Master Chief

2001 Microsoft sent the iconic protagonist Master Chief in "Halo - Combat Evolved" first on his mission. This put the group is not only the foundation for one of the most successful first-person shooter series, but also helped developer Bungie to cult status. 2010 then the shock to a lot of "Halo" fans: Bungie's exclusive partnership with Microsoft ended and moved to publisher Activision.

The rights to the "Halo" series, would remain with Microsoft, which was entrusted the in-house development team 343 Industries with the development of the series. At the press conference during E3 2011, the software giant now makes public the first fruits of this work and are working on "Halo 4" known.

Many details can not yet announce Microsoft for the game. One thing is certain, however: The Master Chief comeback. In addition, the title of the beginning of a new trilogy and mark in time for Christmas 2012 appear. In addition to "Halo 4" Microsoft announced to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Master Chief to a high-revision of the first part: "Halo - Combat Evolved: Anniversary." Apart from a graphical overhaul the anniversary edition offers a co-op mode via Xbox Live and the seven best and most popular multiplayer maps.

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