Thursday, May 26, 2011

Facebook plans to enter into the music business

Facebook will do a cooperation with the streaming service. It appears that the negotiations are well advanced, insiders believe the service will start within the next two weeks. According to Forbes, a Spotify icon appear on Facebook and can therefore offer access to music library.

The whole thing started in the U.S., whether the service also to the German Facebook offered, is questionable. Reason: Spotify (from Sweden) is on us not because of high royalty-fee available. Spotify, the integration is successful, it would be a further step to make Facebook from a pure social network into a comprehensive entertainment platform.

For testing offered the U.S. film studio Warner to have a fee blockbuster about Facebook. The online network currently has around 600 million users, making it highly attractive to companies as a distribution platform. And for Facebook, the cooperation is worth twice: who chats about the community not only with friends but also listen to music or watching movies lingers longer on the Facebook pages.

The advertising industry is pleased to once again being washed in the future for the placement of personalized ads money into the coffers of the network.

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