Thursday, May 26, 2011

Very aggressive pricing for the Intel Atom Cedar Trail

Intel has decided to implement a very aggressive strategy on the prices of CPU Cedar Trail expectations for the month of September, at least according to what was stated by a source close to the world of netbooks and recovery from DigiTimes. Cedar Trail is a platform designed for netbook systems built using 32nm CPU.

The prices of the processors will vary in a range between 42 and $ 47, down by 30-50% compared to the prices of the current Atom CPU and N4xx N5xx providing prices of between 64 and 86 dollars. The intense competition that comes from the tablet systems clearly is generating benefits for the consumer who can then have access to more powerful systems netbook but lower cost.

In addition, the netbook will be better for emerging markets where prices must be kept low. Considering all these aspects, a netbook based on Cedar Trail could be sold at prices ranging between 199 and $ 299. The platform will include two categories Cedar Trail: Cedarview-M for netbook and nettop Cedarview-D, although both will use dual-core processors.

In the case of Cedarview CPU-M is also registered a significant drop in consumption that would allow the creation of products fanless.

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