Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Google data center cooled seawater

Google released a video on YouTube showing the cooling system of its data center in Finland EUR 200 million located in Hamina. It has the particularity of using sea water The building was abandoned as a paper search engine has been converted. The pipes supplying water in the sea was thus already laid.

He simply used a small submarine to ensure they were not blocked. The result is impressive because Google did not need to install an air conditioning and in addition to preserving the environment, significant cost savings. This is the first time to our knowledge, a data center is cooled with seawater According to the story of Google, seawater is pumped from the Gulf of Finland.

It passes through heat exchangers that will remove heat from the servers. The water will cool and infrastructure. Then obtained from the hot water will be cooled with sea water before being returned to the Gulf. Thus, Google does not disturb the ecosystem in rejecting the hot water in a region that is accustomed to low temperatures.

Data centers cooled water are becoming increasingly popular. HP has opened using rainwater. IBM is also working on long supercomputers using a cooling system like water cooling. For about five years, companies are looking to move away from traditional systems to air conditioning. They are often easier to install, they also cost a lot more expensive electricity.

The environment also occupy a more prominent place in the public arena, the holders of a data center will see an opportunity to save and restore their image. There is still much progress to make before a majority of data center goes to cooling water, but in Hamina building Google is a good example of more to follow.

This new data center will be used for search engine Google and Gmail and Google Maps.

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