Thursday, May 26, 2011

Microsoft denies the remarks of Ballmer

Microsoft has sent a communiqué to InfoWorld to contradict the words of Steve Ballmer on Windows 8. The editor speaks of a "misrepresentation" and says waiting for "the next generation of machines Windows 7 to be available sometime in the next budget year (in 2012, Ed). To date, we (Microsoft, Ed) have not yet officially announced the schedule and the name of the next version of Windows.

" In our current "Ballmer confirms Windows 8 for 2012, we review the verbatim official conference given by Steve Ballmer in Tokyo. The text is also still available on the publisher's site where you can see that Steve Ballmer confirms the code name for Windows 8 used in the builds and the year of release for 2012 that was implied by documents that have filtered through the Internet and the Microsoft tradition of often waiting three years before releasing a new operating system.

Autumn 2012 will mark three years of Windows 7. We reported also that Steve Sinofsky managed to infiltrate the conference D9: All Things Digital last minute. It is very likely that the Wall Street Journal, which runs the event, has agreed to upset his plans one week before the opening festivities in exchange for a demonstration of Windows 8.

We completed our analysis by showing that the remarks made by Steve Ballmer had nothing really exceptional. They just confirmed what we already knew. News Microsoft is particularly troubling. As the editor did with Intel (see "Intel talking about Windows 8 and Microsoft gets angry"), the form is vehement, but the bottom is hollow.

We do not know exactly what is wrong. In addition, the firm expects that future generations of machines Windows 7 is a great truism. The last sentence of the statement seems to confirm our impression, however. Microsoft is trying to regain control of the communication that takes place around Windows 8, even if it must be to the detriment of his PD G which is less popular (see "IBM has passed and will pass before Microsoft") .

He repeats what he did with Intel. However, denying the President is more awkward than deny a manufacturer of processors. The image of Steve Ballmer is the only thing to really suffer from this incident. It is to deny the platitudes, because Microsoft wants the release date and the code name be formalized at another time and probably by Steve Sinofsky.

The PD G is increasingly criticized and falling action, Microsoft continues to create tension. IBM's market capitalization has now surpassed that of Microsoft and the gap is widening because Big Blue has now over one billion dollars in advance. The poor performance of Mr. Ballmer is a major reason for the downfall of Microsoft is now in third place after being overtaken by Apple.

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