Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sunday Quiz (9) - on Facebook

This week in the Quiz on Sunday, you are given an image and you must try to find what is and what it does. Today, something a little more difficult than for the first quiz, then hopefully. For this ninth quizzes, small change: we will also play on Facebook. The scoring is the same, and you have the right to play 11 hours between Sunday and Monday, 11 hours, but the answer will be given on Tuesday: Another photo of the same object will be available on Facebook.

Responses are directly in the comments and we will give the answer on Tuesday at 11 o'clock. Good luck. For the results, it is 2 points for first, 1 point for others. Good luck! Pending the answer, tomorrow at 11 o'clock, they continued on Facebook with another photo of our mystery object.

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