Monday, March 21, 2011

MacBook Pro 2011 crash, but why?

That would be a new Apple product without its attendant bugs more or less serious and proven? The latest MacBook Pro can not escape the rule: a long thread in the forums Apple describes an unpleasant phenomenon crash when the laptop is fully charged. Different users report sometimes contradictory information, but a consensus emerged, however: i) the crash occurs when applications are started demanding a little (games, graphic modeling, supercomputing, etc..) Ii) the machine does not respond to user commands but continues to run in the background (receive mail, music playback, ability to connect via ssh).

No compensation solves the classic problem (authorization, disk repair, reset PRAM, etc..) Apple and tests do not detect any problems. These factors indicate a bug in the graphics driver. It is true that these are the first MacBook Pro that Apple uses its technology to automatically switch between the integrated GPU to the CPU Sandy Bridge and the dedicated GPU AMD.

Some users were told by customer service Apple that the problem was known, others that an update was coming out. Meanwhile, it is probably better to delay the order.

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