Monday, March 21, 2011

LG OLED TV will produce 55 "late 2011

OLED displays are gaining ground in the market for small screens (smartphones, tablets, etc..) And LG has started to purchase the equipment necessary for production of OLED panels 55 "at its plant in Paju (South Korea) from the end of 2011. But there is a trick. These slabs will indeed OLED, but not where it is usually understood.

They emit only white light is filtered uniform RGB sub-pixels in a layer in front. An OLED panel " Classic "has directly emitting diodes of red, green or blue. So LG will market in 2012 what could be called hybrid OLEDs. Their image quality is unknown but should be close to" real "OLEDs, especially as regards the response time and viewing angles.

However, if all goes well, Samsung could sell real 65-inch OLED TV in 2012 as well. ... A game to follow when it will occur .

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