Monday, March 21, 2011

Action game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Home Front: patch for the multiplayer mode

THQ is working on a multiplayer patch for the Xbox 360 version of "Home Front". Above all, a failure when subscribing to the online battles makes owners of the Microsoft console's life difficult: in some cases, denied the action game to connect to the preferred profile. The developers collect data to solve the problem.

For the PC version of the action game is already a hotfix has been released, irons out the shortcomings of the dedicated servers. THQ promises to be another update that makes extensive changes. For owners of the PS3 version also has an update available for download. Occasional crashes of the game are after in the past as well as problems at the entrance of servers and erroneous information about the delay (ping) and the server settings.

"Homefront" is the PC version in multiplayer range of dedicated servers. These are computers, where no one plays and control only the flow of the online battles. In many other titles is the PC (or console) of a gamer as host. In contrast, dedicated servers, a lot of advantages: Because the machines are often in Internet data centers and only potter in this task is about the game play similarly less susceptible to interference and the ping for all players - a fair deal for the on-line artillery duel.

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