Monday, March 21, 2011

Intel SSDs 320 for late March

320 Intel SSDs should be placed on the market earlier than originally planned. They are expected for March 28 next year and would run between $ 109 and $ 1,119 depending on the variations ranging from 40 GB to 600 GB Earlier this month, the information on these Postville Refresh asserted that Intel provided an outlet for mid-April (see "Intel SSD 320 Series for mid-April).

As a reminder, these SSD X25-M to succeed. They have memory chips etched into 25 nm (see "Life of DSS in 25 nm, it would have died [3]), unlike the Intel 510 that make use of chips in 34 nm confirms SSDs LaCie 510 Intel "). Intended for the midrange market, and small and medium enterprises or the embedded market, they offer 39,500 IOPS read and 23,000 IOPS write 4 KB, respectively.

Intel also offers encryption technology support and optimization of consumption compared to previous models. The question of the controller remains unresolved, although it is likely that reuses Intel X25-M, providing a similar level of performance, while optimizing the wear of the cells (see "Intel SSD X25: the best SSD ").

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