Monday, March 21, 2011

Factories stop production: Tsunami: The implications for the IT industry

A majority of smartphones and Tablet PCs are not now produced in Japan, the industry still depends on deliveries from this country. Among other things, are about 40 percent of the world need memory chips from Japan. In many plants (such as Toshiba), the bands are still present because of the natural disaster.

Besides destruction, the quake caused to the buildings, provide power outages and unusable transport routes ensure that a production rule is impossible. Until everything is back to normal, it can take months. Episode: Electronic components are partly to a shortage, which in turn raises prices and makes sure that there will be supply shortfalls.

Although would begin deliveries of components for chip production in just two weeks worked, the problems at least until the third quarter, reported the research institute. What impact the problems in Japan shows at the second iPad The tablet PC should be on 25 to March, including in the Czech Republic published.

But nothing will come: because supply shortages Apple moves from our neighbors to the launch on the 25th April. Whether this deadline is to be kept is not certain. Even in Japan, Apple shifts iPad 2, but here out of respect for the momenanten mood in the country. The manufacturers of computer games are directly affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Sun went down Square Enix's servers "Final Fantasy 14", "Final Fantasy 11" and the online service's online. Reason: In the whole country is the current short supply and needed for more important things. As a thank you for the understanding of the gamblers in April, Square Enix will offer its online services free.

Other publishers respond: Konami on the server for "Metal Gear Solid Online, from, move, Sony and Sega release dates. After all: When the hardware production, it looks better. All the major manufacturers can customize their consoles in China, Taiwan or Korea. The consequences of natural disaster occur at us now: for example, are still in bands, because components from Japan no longer be delivered.

The computer industry is feeling the impact: According to analysts, is from April, with rising prices for smart phones, notebooks and tablet PCs to be expected.

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