Monday, March 21, 2011

Sony would adopt the Thunderbolt

Prepare for new Sony VAIO notebooks, some use Thunderbolt and other OS using Chrome. If confirmed, this would be the first time a manufacturer outside of Apple, supports the high speed bus. This was reported on Sony Insider says that the Japanese would prepare a PC Hybrid. It would combine a laptop and a dock integrating the components of a typical desktop PC.

This VAIO disposrait a Core i7, an HDMI output with management of stereoscopy, the Intel Wireless Display, the Thunderbolt and a SSD. It is devoid of an optical drive that would be worn on the dock. The latter would have a Blu-ray, HDMI output, VGA and Ethernet and USB ports. Sony's strategy is interesting.

The goal is to offer a lightweight (the rumored 1.13 kg) and autonomous (about 8 hours of battery) and deport the sacrifices necessary on a module that can connect to the system. The idea is not new and the price remains the argument most often prohibitive. Sony Vaio also has released a Chrome-based OS platform Tegra 2.

It would be a 11.6-inch computer (1366 x 768) to house 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of eMMC. Remains to be seen whether the idea of \u200b\u200ba luxury netbook aesthetic delight, while the shelves seem to dominate this sector. You'll notice that these leaks are extremely precise, which makes us say that Sony would announce these models soon.

This would mean that the firm would adopt two major products that have great need of support. Chrome OS benefit of Sony's brand image (see "An Eee PC OS Chrome $ 200 to confront the iPad 2"). Similarly, the success of Thunderbolt, we explain in our current "Thunderbolt: 10 gigabit / s, 10 W, Light Peak") will not be based solely on Apple and Intel (see "Thunderbolt: Back on the implementation) .

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