Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick test: Browser: Firefox 5: Download and tempo-check the beta version

After the phase-Aurora is now the first beta version of Firefox 5 ready for download. Mozilla has already published a number of ideas for new items and changes in design. Of these, however, still nothing to see, believe the beta version before all under the hood. Also new is the division into channels: Who is in the beta channel of Mozilla gets automatically in future new beta versions of Firefox 5th Although Mozilla has built no new features in the pre-release version, but the speed of the beta already exceeds the final Firefox 4 - including some of the final competition of the Firefox browser is already running from the rank of 5.

Many design concepts for the Firefox 5 aim to simplify the operation for the user. So shall the browser team, assign a color and they each search engine for the Firefox search box above right to use, this way you can immediately see whether or Bing as Google is active. As seen already in Google Chrome, Mozilla will also customize the browser to the design used.

Work is available in Windows 7 or Vista, transparency effects - XP users will see the familiar blue window borders. . As with a painting also must include the Mozilla work of art itself take care of the frame. When Firefox Beta 5, already provides a compelling pace, and the stability was positive for pre-release high.

What are the development of the proposed new design for the user to subscribe to the shows, but until the next release - thanks to a new beta-channel for all without your intervention. Other browser manufacturers tear in the publication of new versions before, Chrome 13 is already in development.

Mozilla wants to follow this example and give up small steps in future updates. Date for the final Firefox 5: 21 June 2011. According to Firefox may appear 6 and 7 in the same year.

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