Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Playstation 3: Sony: HD PSP editions of classics planned

Sony plans to publish new editions of classics and PSP for the Playstation 3. The manufacturer polished the ports with a higher and a 3D mode to a shine. Another treat is the import of game saves from your handheld to the stationary console. You are not starting from zero, if you have already played the appropriate title on your PSP.

First came "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd - HD Vers": In addition to these functions supports the primeval beasts hunt from Capcom on the PS3 program Adhoc Party. Using the software, you latched in multiplayer games one - an essential part of the "Monster Hunter" series. The title appears first in Japan.

What game is it is not clear. What is certain is that Sony, the HD-series later, the world puts on the market. A good idea: PSP-hits like the "God of War spin-off" and "would find probably at PS3 owners appeal.

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