Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AMD Bulldozer Llano and here is the price list

Among the information about the new AMD Bulldozer and Llano, those prices are certainly the most anticipated. As we all know AMD approccerà the market for desktop PC processors with two lines indicated by the trade names A-Series (APU Llano) and FX-series (Zambezi). The APU Llano rival Intel processors are similar to Sandy Bridge and integrate the same day up to 4 CPU cores, a GPU with a maximum of 400 stream processors, memory controller and PCI-Express switch.

According to previously published slides from unofficial channels, these solutions would be able to provide high power in terms of graphics applications and would be less interesting from the standpoint of pure CPU performance. The models are rather Zambezi their rivals in the Intel Westmere / Bloomfield: have a maximum of 8 core CPU, the memory controller with high bandwidth data and a cache system is very important.

From the middle of June, AMD will launch the series with FX models with 4-core, 6-core and 8-core. A model for high-end, branded AMD FX-8130P will be priced at $ 320 while the one immediately below, FX-8130, will stop at $ 290. The FX-6110 model will cost $ 240 six-core and the quad-core FX-4110, $ 220.

The A-Series line of APU that uses the new chipset Socket FM1 and a single-chip model will be led by the A8-3550P, quad-core GPU with 400 stream processors with unlocked multipliers, which will cost $ 170. The model A8-3550 (locked) will cost $ 150. The model A6-3450P (quad-core, unlocked with GPU with 320 stream processors) will cost $ 130.

$ 110 will be sufficient for the model A6-3450 (blocked). Finally the two models are dual-core, E2 and A4-3350P-3350 from the cost of 80 and $ 70 respectively. Solutions E2 have a GPU with 240 stream processors. All prices quoted are for the OEM market for a minimum quantity of 1000 pieces.

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