Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ballmer confirms Windows 8 for 2012

"While we expect the next generation of Windows, due out next year, many other things will come." That Steve Ballmer himself, PD G Microsoft, was speaking yesterday during a forum for developers, according to the transcript of his speech published on the website of the publisher. For the first time Microsoft has confirmed the year of release of its next operating system and uses the term Windows 8 in public.

So far, the publisher only spoke of his "next operating system." Ballmer has also confirmed the occurrence of an "entirely new user interface" and the management of touchscreens, voice and "ink" is probably a reference to the stylus and handwriting recognition . He assured that the public would learn more about this year's "shelves and PC Windows 8.

The speech of PD G was extensive and covered many topics. He took the opportunity to announce an event to be held today, which will focus on the next major version of Windows phone. Everyone expects the release of Windows 7.5 Phone known as Mango. He admitted that the operating system for smartphones had arrived a year too late, but tried to reassure the crowd by saying that the publisher "went on very actively." He also mentioned, among others, Windows Azure and Internet Explorer.

The brief mention of Windows 8 Steve Ballmer would not be a coincidence or an accident. It appears that Microsoft has decided to resume control of the communication is made on this issue. Until now, the press of new information gleaned by studying the builds and internal documents that surfaced on the Internet, unknown publisher.

Last week, Intel has decided it to give details on the ARM versions of the next operating system. Microsoft has responded with a statement curiously vehement on the form, but confused and hollow on the bottom (see "Intel talking about Windows 8 and Microsoft gets angry"). In the wake of Ballmer's speech, we learn that Steve Sinofsky, the director in charge of Windows development 8, just to reserve a seat at the next conference D9: All Things Digital, where he will give a speech, according to Kara Swisher One of the Wall Street Journal reporters responsible for animating the event to be held next week.

It is very rare that a guest is confirmed as late. Typically, schedules are set months in advance. It should therefore that Mr. Sinofsky had a big announcement to make to the Wall Street Journal agrees to change things at the last minute. The first major demonstrations of Windows 7 were held during the conference D6 (see "Windows 7 will have a multitouch interface").

It is very likely that Microsoft wants to repeat the experience with Windows 8. The site says Mr. Sinofsky WinRumors present a tablet running on the next operating system, but it remains a corridor of noise yet. The presentation by Steve Sinofsky should in all cases provide more information than the recent remarks by Steve Ballmer.

Indeed, if Microsoft confirms for the first time the project name and the year of release, such information have only lend weight to the many documents circulating on the Internet. Since July 2010, Windows 8 a priority for Microsoft and the roadmap which we told you about last February placed the release of Windows 8 for the end of next year (see "The roadmap unveiled Windows 8" ).

She had already been confirmed by the flight of the second milestone of Windows 8 (see "Windows 8 M2 is available for download). It is expected that Mr. Sinofsky unveiled the user interface.

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