Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Cloud can also save lives

Funny adventure for this browser does his amateur hello to its smartphone and location-based services for BING. Like most major services in the cloud ", location services online like Bing Maps and Google Maps are part of everyday life and profoundly affect our use of mobility. They account for a large share in the success of smartphones (most mobile applications are in fact simply the aggregation of services in the cloud).

Martin Tirion, specialist user interfaces for Microsoft, said on his blog his latest misadventure during her vacation in Greece. He rented a small motorboat to go around a few islands. But due to the combination of a navigational error, bad directions, and by failing hardware, he found himself out of fuel at sea Fortunately, his phone still capturing the GSM network.

So he called the agency and provide it with what he thought was its geographical position. Relief are being met, but 4 hours later they still have found no trace of the browser. The drifting boat, Martin tried for the umpteenth time to get a connection "Data" with her phone. And miraculously, its Windows 7 Phone finally comes to hang a residual data connection in GPRS mode.

BING and using the mapping service in the cloud "of smartphone, he discovers to his amazement to find a position far removed from that assumed, some 15 km further south. After a final call to the rental agency to clarify its position, it is finally located and towed.

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