Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ramsan-70: An SSD PCIe 900 MB

The manufacturer TMS (Texas Memory Systems) has unveiled a new model of SSD for the professional market: the Ramsan-70 PCI-Express. As its name suggests, the SSD uses a PCI-Express 8x here. With a maximum capacity of 900 usable GB (450 GB on the card, and an additional 450 GB on a daughter card), the Ramsan-70 uses NAND flash memory chips in 32nm SLC engraved by Toshiba and carries two controllers based on Power of the PC 7.

As for performance, TMS indicates that SSD can reach 330,000 IOPS read and up to 160 000 4K write IOPS. The Ramsan-70 has finally sensing technologies and Error Correction (ECC and chips organized as RAID-5), as well as functionality to extend the lifespan of flash memory cells. TMS has unfortunately not indicate a price or availability date ...

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