Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EVGA introduces Superclock, its first CPU cooler air

EVGA has introduced its first air cooler processors, the EVGA Superclock, based on the popular design Swiftech Polaris 120. The EVGA Superclock uses almost the same materials as the Polaris 120 but with heatpipes and fins painted in black, apart from the fan glows red. Like the original, the main ones is to sink a base where their 5 heatpipes make direct contact with the processor.

The heatpipes that are located in the central part of the base are those who receive the largest portion of heat from the processor, and it is these that directly spread the heat to the aluminum sheets that are located where there is greater flow Fan air. The sink is ventilated by a 120mm fan with red LEDs that rotate between 750 to 2500 RPM, pushing air flow up to 84 CFM.

Its price is cheaper than the Swiftech Polaris 120, reaching $ 49.99 (compared to $ 59.99 USD Polaris 120).

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