Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scythe Kozuti: a cooler for HTPC

Scythe has just unveiled the Kozuti, a cooling system, low-profile for processors on Socket AM2 and LGA 775/115x/1366 / 3. Showing dimensions of only 110 x 103 x 40 mm and weighs 250 grams, this cooler is of type Top-Flow, that is to say that the fan 80 mm PWM (operating at speeds between 800 and 3300 revolutions per minute) is placed under the aluminum radiator.

The latter is crossed by three copper heat pipes of 6 mm in diameter. The noise is about them between 8.2 dB (A) (sic) and 32.5 dB (A). The manufacturer finally announces a suggested list price of 22.90 euros, excluding taxes. It remains to see the performance of this cooler ...

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