Monday, May 23, 2011

Intel Core i3 2120K: Small come with unlocked multipliers.

Intel is preparing a version of the Sandy Bridge processor i3 with its unlocked multiplier, this is the 2120K i3. Until now, users wishing to Sandy Bridge processor with unlocked multiplier would have to go Core i7 models i5 2600K and 2500K, both quad-core processors, with the launch of Core i3 2120K, it will become the Sandy Bridge processor faster dual core.

As to your specifications share the same i3 model 2120, which is 3.30Ghz clock speed, 3MB cache, Hyper-Threading technology, Intel HD2000 integrated graphics and integrated memory controller. It also has the same TDP processors i3 family, that is 65W. In terms of price is estimated to go on sale for about $ 150.

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