Monday, May 23, 2011

Corsair: The Special Edition White 600T

The manufacturer Corsair has launched on the market a special edition of its Series 600T Graphite housing, housing for the occasion which is adorned with white on the outside, but nevertheless takes the classic black interior of 600T. The side panel has a window, may in turn make way for a panel with a metal grille and supports up to four 120 mm fans.

With four bays at 5.25 inches and six locations internal 3.5 / 2.5 inches, the Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T has a built-in fan controller. The conventional audio connectors, FireWire, USB 3.0 (x1) and USB 2.0 (x4) are placed on top of the box, while three fans (two 200 mm respectively placed on the top and front, and one of 120 mm at the rear) are included with the 600T.

Already available, this box is displayed at a MSRP of $ 179.

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