Monday, May 23, 2011

D-Wave One: The first quantum computer is for sale

There is a little over four years, D-Wave had Orion processor "quantum" qubits and consisting of 16 supposed to be marketed. The manufacturer had also conducted a demonstration in the wake of a "quantum computer", an experiment at the time challenged by a number of academics. It must be said that the difficulties in developing a quantum computer are numerous: operating temperature of the processor slightly above absolute zero, superconducting materials and magnetic fields are essential to the development of such a computer, not counting the phenomenon of decoherence, which complicates the development of a quantum computer.

However, the interest of such a computer is well established, particularly in the field of solving problems of cryptanalysis and more generally the resolution of nondeterministic polynomial problems, extremely complex problems where each variable adds a dimension to the possible solution, which lengthens exponentially computing time on a computer - or a supercomputer - classic.

The manufacturer is therefore to announce the D-Wave One, the first quantum computer marketable firm. Based on a 128-qubit quantum processor, this computer would be able to do in record time some specific tasks, and only them. By the admission of D-Wave, quantum computers are indeed still need for conventional computers and conventional algorithms some pre-calculations.

The opportunity to market such a computer today is no less impressive, and it leaves hope for the best for the future of quantum computing. Question is whether your bank agrees to lend you the $ 10 million it costs at present the D-Wave One ...

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