Monday, May 23, 2011

Foxconn victim of an explosion

Foxconn has sent a press release to confirm that an explosion took place at its plant in Chengdu in China on Friday to 7 pm, local time. He explains that two people were killed instantly and a third died of his injuries Sunday. Fifteen other workers were injured and six of them were already being treated and sent home.

The depth reports that the findings of a preliminary investigation believe that the explosion was caused by the presence of fuel particles in a pipe string polish. Several witnesses uncorroborated by Foxconn and Apple, the factory produced iPad 2. Cupertino nevertheless advised All Things D was working with Foxconn to determine the cause of the explosion, which seems to confirm that the affected production lines were dedicated to him.

All the affected shops have suspended their operations and production lines responsible for manufacturing processes similar to those affected by the explosion were also arrested for a period yet undetermined, Foxconn explains in a statement. Firefighters responded quickly to extinguish the fire and determine the cause of the explosion.

The investigation is short. The workshops will have to wait off the end of the investigation before it can restart, as the founder. He also explained that members of government and police have established a working group to clarify this matter. Nobody speaks for a moment or deliberate act of human error.

DigiTimes says that the plant Chendu has 52 production lines dedicated to the iPad 2 and they have a yield of 42 million units per year. If Foxconn manufactured many iPad 2 on workshops affected by the explosion, it is likely that Cupertino suffers from shortages even more important than those he already knows.

So says Rhoda Alexander, analyst at iSuppli IHS, whose remarks were reported by the Wall Street Journal. The number of tablets that can be produced during the third quarter of this year could fall by 1.1 million units to 2.8 million units. Apple believed deliver 8 million originally slated.

This is what is maintained by Mike Abramsky, an analyst with RBC Canadian Bank, quoted by CNN. The MIC website gadget released videos showing workers fleeing the plant on fire. One of them is available below. The large number of employees committing suicide at Foxconn has already drawn attention to working conditions in factories of the caster.

There is no doubt that this explosion will be placed, once again in the spotlight. The investigation should determine if in fact the accident was preventable and whether the security measures imposed have been met.

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