Monday, May 23, 2011

BioWare already thinking about Dragon Age 3

With a message on Twitter - Alistair McNally, director of creative development BioWare Edmonton has launched an appeal addressed to "exceptional artists setting" to search for new employees to the project Dragon Age 3. It 's the direct confirmation that the Canadian software house in the pipeline development of the third chapter in the saga Dragon Age.

There are many expectations of recovery after half slip made with Dragon Age 2, an episode that has lost most of the features of pure RPG to undergo a process of simplification and "consolizzazione", which infuriated the PC enthusiasts. For now BioWare is working intensively on Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3, but since the various internal teams available is perfectly able to support a further project in parallel.

Among the many new features of Dragon Age 3 is also spoken of the possible implementation of an online multiplayer mode.

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