Friday, May 20, 2011

LCD prices are stable thanks to Japan

A report from iSuppli says that the Japanese earthquake which took place last March has stabilized the prices of large LCD panels (10.1 "and up) due to falling demand free. It is an unexpected positive effect of this disaster whose impact should be felt until September (see "Texas Instruments is going to suffer tsunami for 6 months").

Before the disaster, the prices of all categories fell 2.2% in January 2011 and 0.9% in February. In March, the situation has slowed with a decline of only 0.7% and 0.5% in April and May provided a drop to just 0.1%. The figures were reported by DigiTimes, which cites Sweta Dash, author of the study.

By focusing on the details, we note that the prices of panels for desktop monitors to have risen 0.4% in April and is expected to increase by only 0.1% in May Demand for the screens 18.5 ", 20" and 21.5 "increases while the other diagonals are neglected. The screens of laptops have seen their prices grow 0.2% in April and May should be identical.

The market for LCDs is a separate sector. Prices for hard drives are expected to rise 10% to 15% (see "Hard drives still affected by Japan) and TSMC's production will slow. Shortages, caused by the slowdown in production due to the upgrading of plants after the earthquake, have the effect of driving up prices.

In the case of LCDs, manufacturers had enough inventory and demand has weakened faster and more violently than expected earlier this year. The shortage has thus balancing the scales and explains the stagnation of prices.

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