Friday, May 20, 2011

Android 2.3 Android 3.0 hidden

Interestingly, if Android 3.1 - Ice Cream Sandwich - should merge branches tablets (Android 3.0 Hoeycomb) and smartphones (Gingerbread Android 2.3), the current version of Android 3.0 already includes a dedicated interface for smartphones. Hidden, it is actually a copy of the Gingerbread interface: interface elements, keyboard, screen lock, etc..

To activate, you must modify a hidden option to Android: resolution. Indeed, if the pixel density is below 160 dpi is the standard interface that is used and if you go above 170 dpi is the interface "smartphone" is launched. As a reminder, the tablets are currently around 150 dpi as smartphones, even entry-level exceeds the 170 dpi and higher-end models reach 230 dpi.

A tablet as the Galaxy Tab Samsung, a hybrid between a smartphone (for the operating system) and a tablet (to form), reached 170 dpi. Note that if the definition is calculated from the diagonal of the screen and its definition, the preference file has the advantage of adjusting the size of interface elements: rootée with a machine, it is possible - if we are adept at the fine print - display more data on the same surface.

Hopefully the manufacturers of tablets Android 2. x hidden benefit of this interface to bring Android 3. x on their shelves ...

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