Friday, May 20, 2011

U3 Asus Xonar Sound card to carry.

Asus has a USB solution designed to the audio world, it is the sound card Asus Xonar U3, with a slightly larger size to a flash drive and supports Dolby GX2.5. Full support and GX Dolby 2.5 for music, movies and gaming. Audio cards integrated into conventional laptops offer a quality and control capabilities are more limited than those of desktops, so the Asus Xonar U3, with headphone amplifier is the perfect solution for users who use their laptop personal entertainment center.

Weighing just 25g and a pocket size, improves the bass and treble and headphone amplifier with up to 150 ohms impedance. This card also has hyper-grounding, which isolates noise and interference to ensure audio playback with full fidelity. It installs so easy and instantaneous, and includes multiple equalizer settings and factory modes for gaming, music, movies and headphones.

The Xonar U3 includes many Dolby technologies: Dolby Headphone, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital Virtual Speaker and Dolby Digital Live. Each of them allows users to enjoy movies and music with the best quality and multichannel surround sound. In addition, technology GX Gaming Audio Engine 2.5 and EAX 5.0 support make this card the ideal choice to enjoy audio effects in 3D gaming.

Technical specifications.

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