Friday, May 20, 2011

AMD Bulldozer and Llano: prices

While AMD's Bulldozer and Llano should not emerge for several more weeks on the market, the prices here - supposedly - of these processors are making their appearance on the canvas. Attention tweezers rigor ... Thus, the octo-core FX-8130P Zambezi and FX-8110 should be displayed 320 and $ 290 respectively, while the FX-6110 and FX-4110 are available at 240 and 190 dollars.

The side of the Llano, the A8-3550P (Husky) and its integrated Radeon HD 6550 would be displayed at 170 dollars against 150 dollars for the A8-3550. The A6 and A6-3450P-3450 would cost them about 130 and 110 dollars respectively. Finally, the A4 and E2-3350-3250, two dual-core models, would be sold at rates of 80 and 70 dollars.

Yum ...

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