Friday, May 20, 2011

A flexible color E-paper 13.3 "

Sony has just introduced a flexible color electronic paper 13.3 "in the CIS, a living image which is being held in Los Angeles. Of a thickness of 150 m and weighing 20 g, it can reproduce 13% the NTSC color gamut, it has a dynamic contrast of 100 000:1 and a resolution of 800 x 1 200. Each pixel measures 169 microns x 169 microns and includes a sub-pixel red, green, blue and white.

Compared the prototype that Sony had last year (see "An electronic paper 13" Tube "), this new model is a great leap forward. For the record, last December, the Japanese showed a similar pattern in black and white with a glossy coating. Today, it provides color and a matte coating compatible with outdoor use.

Sony says that the glass substrate used can be made with production tools present in the existing plants. A paper 13-inch color electronic has already been introduced by Hitachi in 2006, but Sony has a resolution and a much larger gamut (see "E-paper color"). Sony does not talk about marketing and even if he continues to make great strides, it is clear that daily electronic paper will not come anytime soon.

Despite the rhetoric by the most ambitious few years ago (cf. "Dailies on e-paper in 2009? "), The corner booth will not sell your favorite magazine in the form of an electronic paper. The press seems to want to embrace the shelves. Far from us, the idea of thinking that e-paper is irrelevant.

Looking forward to screens undeniably thinner and more flexible to be used on a multitude of products, including tablets. Nevertheless, the discourse has changed today. Sony no longer manufactures the newspaper tomorrow, but the screen of the future.

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